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109 - Road Trip

Time for a road trip (roadtrip? Is it one or two words?)! Dawson, Pacey, and Billy head to Providence on a very long trip that takes place primarily on a ferry, and Joey gets revenge on another jerky jock. Traci and Charles continue to search for a map of Capeside’s location, Traci reassures everyone that girls do not want to be hit on the way Dawson hits on Nina, and Charles makes predictions about Pacey’s future.

Also, shoutouts to Savage Garden and to the people who’ve emailed and tweeted @dawsonsspeakpod!

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  1. I'm doing my first binge re-watch of Dawson's Creek now since the show originally aired (i watched every week back in the day) Love the pod, love the banter, love hearing opinions from a different perspective (even though you guys are WAY too hard on poor Dawson. haha.) Anyway, to provide some 90's kid primary info some, if not all, of the slang you guys are asking if anyone has ever actually said, I've totally said millions of times. Sad I found this so late into your run, hopefully I catch up soon and then can watch weekly with you guys.


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