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323 - True Love

Season finale time! It's crazy how different the second half of the season has felt from the first half. All of the drama and the emotions that build up to this episode have been on point, and the ship metaphors take off at an all-time high here.

From Charles: "A non-serious extra thought: I think it’s really silly how everyone is always running late but just right on time in this show. First, Jack catches Jen right before she leaves on a bus, then Pacey says bye to Andie right before she leaves for the summer, and now Joey grabs Pacey just before he sets off? People, show up early for important things!!"

This is the episode that brings audiences "the best meme in the world," as Busy Phillips put it during the Dawson's Creek reunion, and also a top True Love ship moment. but one of the things we think has gotten lost over time is just how significant of a show Dawson's Creek was when it came to LGBTQ representation on network TV.

From Traci: "One of…
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Study Hall #6 - Season 3 Recap

Doesn't season 3 feel like two different seasons?? This week's episode is our usual season recap, complete with our favorite and least favorite episodes, top moments, and new characters we love (and really, really hated).

We cannot stress enough how much we love you all for listening to our show! When we started this, it was a passion project that we weren't sure would work out, but we've been blown away at the amazing community of folks who've found their way to our podcast. Thank you for everything!

Next week, we'll be discussing Young Americans before we dive into season 4, so stick around!

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WB's Dawson's Creek Summer Diaries – These are specifically for the summer in-between seasons 3 and 4. The diaries are posted backwards, so skip to the last page of content and read backwards!Throwback Thursday: Looking Back at ‘Dawson’s Creek,’ Connected Content Pioneer (AdWeek)Creek of the Week's first Young Americans episode can be found here!

#WhatPaceyWore: 3x23 - True Love

Listen to this podcast episode here.

322 - The Anti-Prom

We're not gonna lie: we recorded this before our Wilmington trip, and almost immediately after the last episode, so we were a little exhausted.

But proooooom! We love a good dance episode, and this one delivered. Did you all go to your prom? What was your theme? Was it as dramatic as Capeside's junior prom?

From Traci: "As mentioned in the episode, I went to one prom during high school and it wasn't even my own school's prom! And I don't even remember my prom date's name. Senior year, despite being on Class Council/Prom Planning Committee, I didn't go because I hated my school's rules about needing to have a date of the opposite gender. Had I been the loudmouth I am today (also, had there been social media!), I would've shown up with a girl anyways and let them kick me out after I'd helped planned so much of it."

From Charles: "Note re: prom clothing. Everyone's prom clothes were so dour this episode! (Dawson and Joey were goin…

#DawsonsSpeakTravel: 36 Hours in Wilmington

We asked, you delivered: 50+ iTunes reviews later, and we set off for Wilmington – home of fictional Capeside, the setting for this show that’s brought you and us together.

Wilmington is serene, lined with sandy shores and filled with signs of history (much of it, a new experience for the two of us who grew up in California and spent the better part of our careers up in New York). We knew we wouldn’t have enough time to hit all of the filming locations and recommended spots we received over the past month, but we did our best to pack in as much as we could in the 36 hours we were there.

With our Airbnb booked, a rental car secured, and one short flight later, we found ourselves in Wilmington (despite Traci coming off of an unexpected cold, but that didn't stop us!).

Our first stop after a good night's sleep was Bitty & Beau's Coffee (4949 New Centre Drive, Wilmington, NC 28403), which Traci admits she picked purely because it was on the way to our first Dawson's …

321 - Show Me Love

DRAMA ON THE HIGH SEAS! A boat race turns potentially deadly as Dawson and Pacey take their feuding to the seas, while Joey continues feeling caught in the middle. They all need help communicating, honestly...

From Charles: "You all can read more about love languages here:

I also took a Buzzfeed quiz pretending to be the core four to try to figure out what their primary love languages would be. I got.. Dawson, kind words or compliments; Pacey, quality time; Joey, quality time; Jen, physical touch. (I don’t.. Love these answers? FWIW, I got.. physical touch)"

From Traci: "Dawson ignores the reasons behind why Pacey beat up Matt Caulfield and why he bought Joey a wall. By trying to mimic those surface-level feelings, or show of emotions, it comes across as super unauthentic."

Also, we went to Wilmington! Update coming soon.


320 - The Longest Day

WHAT A LONG DAY. Does this episode live up to the label of being "the most extraordinary episode of Dawson's Creek ever"?

There's so much to dig into in this episode: the bliss-turned-explosion of Joey and Pacey's relationship (can you call it a relationship?), the pain Dawson must feel, and Andie's complicated feelings, to name a few.

From Traci: "I forgot to mention this during recording, but when I try to put myself into Dawson's shoes, I think about how this is now the second time in his life where two people he trusted without hesitation have lied to him: first, his parents; now, his best friends. Is that an excuse for the way he talks to Joey at the end? No, although I get the heat-of-the-moment argument. But for being a teenager, things are really crashing down on him.

That being said, it doesn't change the way I feel about how he tries to blame Joey for who she falls for. Because sometimes, that cannot be helped. Yes, Joey and Pacey shoul…