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Friends, listeners, Dawson's Creek fans – come one, come all: we've made some merch (both podcast-specific and more general show-related stuff) and are finally unleashing it to the world for all of you!

Shop the Dawson's Speak TeePublic store now!

We're talking about this on the Oct. 8 episode of the podcast (including possible discounts for y'all!) but we also wanted to address some questions up front in an effort to be as transparent as possible...

Q: What's available?
A: We have 6 original designs right now – 3 Dawson's Speak designs, and 3 Dawson's Creek designs. If you click into each design, you'll see a variety of options – from T-shirts to hoodies to mugs to stickers. We've also curated a few items into our store made by independent artists that are Creek-related!

Q: Can I request designs or items?
A: We're happy to take suggestions! If there's a current design that you want on an item that you don't see available (i.e. a phone …
Recent posts

416 - Mind Games

How do you solve a problem like unresolved tension between Dawson/Joey/Pacey/Gretchen? We still don't know because they continue to...not communicate. Well! Gretchen tries and then it just all kind of backfires at her...

From Traci: "It really irks me that Dawson sees Joey losing her virginity as 'the final nail in the coffin' of his and Joey's relationship. I know we should be all, 'Never say never!' and you never know if things will work out someday, but Dawson's in a relationship! Joey's in a relationship! The idea of the two of them being in a relationship together shouldn't even be on the table! It's so unfair to the Witters."

From Charles: "I have had a history of liking bad men on this show, so take this with a grain of salt, but part of me hopes we saw Gretchen effect change on Dawson this episode? Earlier on, when she drinks his coffee, she complains that there’s never enough 'coffee in his coffee' (I assume it’s s…

415 - Four Stories

We're coming off of a very long news week, and Dawson's Creek is always a nice reprieve from "the real world" – so don't mistake our exasperation with the show writers as being annoyance. We still love it! We're just also anxious!

From Traci: "It has gotten a little more difficult to talk about the episode and the arc of the season when I know what's coming and Charles doesn't, but I'm also starting to realize there's quite a bit of the little details I've forgotten. So if I misspeak or if I say something that seems misleading to Charles, it's most likely not intentional! I just forgot!"

So we're generally curious: do people like the format of "Four Stories"? There are definite pros and cons to it, as we discuss on the podcast, but overall we're not too mad at it. We still lose some of the other characters in the same way, which could be bad (i.e. Jack) or good (i.e. Drue).

From Charles: "Listen — I’ve g…

414 - A Winter's Tale

First thing's first: sorry, we forgot the name of 3x17 - Cinderella Story. It's not Cinderella Tale.

Second: please don't hate us for being frustrated with parts of this episode :(

Third, from Charles: "Re: Jen’s clumsiness on the ice – There’s no reason for her not to be able to walk on ice! As someone who’s lived in New York for three years, you get really good at walking on snow that’s melted and frozen over again. I once slipped on some stairs while carrying food and taught myself without spilling anything. Capeside’s made Jen soft."

Episode links:
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413 - Hopeless

We'll be honest with you: we didn't really like this episode. Except for a few touching and funny moments, it felt almost filler-y – and we say this being huge fans of Dawson/Gretchen! But there was just something missing from this storyline, we think...

From Traci: "To be honest, I don't know what exactly could've been done to make this episode more compelling. Maybe set the Dawson/Gretchen/friends outing in a different time and place? I know the writers wanted to work in that tension of Dawson not being 21 by setting it at a club, but it feels like it could've been stronger if we got more of an arc or story with Kira and Jessica in Capeside. As is, I just didn't get much out of them being there."

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412 - The Te of Pacey

We didn't think Pacey's birthdays could get any worse after that disastrous 16th birthday, but then this episode happened. At least Dawson showed up for the party and didn't forget about his birthday this time!

Also, one of The Five Things on Traci's #NoSpoilersForCharles spoilers list has been...spoiled. Sigh.

Episode links:
Everything Busy Philipps Says About ‘Dawson’s Creek’ in Her New Book

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411 - The Tao of Dawson

It's 2001 and Dawson just keeps growing and maturing and also NOW SAVING YOU MONEY! Yes, you can use the code DAWSON this week (Oct. 15-22) at our store for 25% off your purchase!

OK but seriously: back to the episode at hand... Dawson tells Pacey he has feelings for Gretchen, who's going back to college to get her car and close the door on her past with Nick. Also, there was a C storyline about Joey and Drue that we didn't really care for.

From Charles: "I'm glad we got such a Gretchen episode this week! I love her, but the show hadn't given her much character time, and I was worried she was going to end up full Manic Pixie Dream Girl (though, I guess she's not really manic or a pixie). I hear we get even MORE Witter family matters soon? Can't wait."

From Traci: "I would watch a full spin-off series about Gretchen in a heartbeat. She's such a compelling protagonist and I loved seeing her realize why she needed to say goodbye to Nick for g…

410 - Self-Reliance

If you missed the announcement... we have merch!

RIP us loving Joey Potter. Sigh.

From Charles: "I still can’t get over the fact that Mr. Kasdan let Joey retake her test! AP classes are normally averaged one point higher on the GPA scale, so it probably would not have hurt Joey that much, and as I’ve said on pod before, I believe in lessons through consequences. A lower grade probably wouldn’t have been a big deal anyway: They way college applications worked for me was you applied in the fall semester of your senior year, and the school makes a decision based on that information. As long as you didn’t fail any classes in the spring, you were fine. Though maybe Joey needs her rank for scholarships? I hope she learned her lesson."

From Traci: "I keep forgetting this fact, but when we first met Joey in season 1, she was in love with Dawson. Like, so much so that it kept her from being nice to Jen for nearly 2 and a half seasons! I feel like it's easy to forget it becaus…