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523 - Swan Song

Welcome to our episode on airport change fees! Just kidding – kind of.

From Charles: "I just want to take a second to address some of the plot holes: Why did Bessie bring Joey her passport? Where are these kids getting all this money?? If Dawson is staying with Audrey, what’s he doing while she and Pacey are driving across the U.S.??? Is Pacey staying with Audrey too???? Why are international and domestic flights leaving from the same terminal?????"

So here we are, at the end of the season – and we tried to save a lot of our overall season thoughts for next week's Study Hall, but it was unavoidable entirely this time around. Do you all think this season finale would've been more impactful if the season as a whole had been better?

From Traci: "One thing I was trying to say during the episode that I don't think I articulated really well... I talked a bit this week about how I hate when shows introduce a character or a facet of a character in order to break up a…
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522 - The Abby

We're back, and ready to finish out this season and say "goodbye" to the mess that was season 5! We still don't know why this episode is called "The Abby"... is this a reference we're missing? That's highly likely.

From Traci: "One thing I forgot to mention in this episode is how much I enjoyed Jen singing 'Teenage Wasteland' while standing on that armchair. She calls it part of her 'thought process,' which I liked because that would be part of mine too lol"

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521 - After Hours

As we mention during this week's episode, this was recorded pretty much right after 5x20, so we didn't get a chance to address the amazing news that came out of Comic-Con about Kerr Smith joining the next season of Riverdale! As the principal!! AHH! We'll talk about it in two weeks when we're back for 5x22!

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520 - Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

Who knew we would be disappointed in how Charlie Todd leaves this show?

From Traci: "I don't think it's that we're dying for more Charlie. This whole back half of season 5 has just felt so rushed! We asked recently on Twitter what people thought of season 5 vs season 6 and most people seem to agree that overall season 6 is better than season 5...though both aren't great all around. Season 5 begins strong but really loses focus halfway through, and we're really feeling that by these last few episodes of the season. When it comes to Charlie, like we say in this week's episode, we're glad he chose 'his Paris,' but we also kind of wish the writers developed out these stories in a deeper way."

That being said! Dawson getting an agent is kind of cool and it's nice to see our show's alleged star have something positive come his way.

Not so positive? Whatever's happening at Civilization. Danny's MIA and now there's a new boss i…

519 - 100 Light Years From Home

Happy 100th episode, Dawson's Creek! What a milestone – and of course it couldn't come without some drama... It's a shame season 5 is so "meh" because reflecting on the show through flashbacks could've been a cool device.

From Charles: "Let’s just take a second and review what a bad spring break Jen had. Not only was she sick the entire time, she had to deal with Joey being a brat, Jack being a jerk, and Dawson getting into to Florida in the early morning and no one else letting him in?

And I’m sure she’s going to feel horrible once she finds out what happened with Jack and Dawson.

Speaking of Dawson, I know this is nitpicking, but doesn’t the chronology of this episode not make sense? It takes more than 24 hours to drive from New York City to Florida, and Oliver and Dawson hadn’t even made it to NYC yet. I feel like we’re missing a day of Spring break?"

From Traci: "Jen did have a bad episode. She was really just there, it felt, so that she and…

518 - Cigarette Burns

Sorry in advance for any background fireworks during this week's episode! We recorded this on the Fourth of July, and people were starting their celebrations before the sun went down...

We're also sorry if this episode was too negative!! We hate being too negative because we do love this show, but we've also been frustrated this season – and we know so many of you have been too. That being said... do you like Season 5 Joey? If so, please tell us why! We're genuinely curious!

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517 - Highway to Hell

Welcome, again, to The Joey Show.

OK. It's not like we hate Joey. We're just frustrated! Yes, she deserves to have A storylines and lots of character development and growth, but so do the other characters (particularly the guy this show is named after).

From Traci: "With Dawson going back to Capeside and trying to adjust to seeing his mom in a new relationship (possibly), that could've led to some really interesting stuff. But instead, it felt so rushed and globbed together with his and Jen's breakup."

From Charles: "We didn’t touch on favorite scenes this episode (because tbh, there wasn’t much to work with), but I’m going to say my favorite parts of 'Highway to Hell' were the 30 seconds Jack was in. Kerr Smith + food = gold."

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