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420 - Promicide

We have a lot to say this week, beginning with: prom on a boat is a bad idea!!

From Charles: "I’m going to leave all the serious stuff for the pod and go back to one of my most regular criticisms of this show: Why is the boy’s formal wear always so dour?? It’s prom, and they’re all wearing all black. No date matching at all! And Dawson’s clothes don’t even fit well. He looks like a chocolate bar."

So generally every school dance we've seen on Dawson's Creek hasn't gone well, but at least Jack and Tobey got a happy ending this time. What do you all think about the explosion of emotions all over senior prom? Did the Pacey stuff happen to abruptly? Do you wish we could've seen more of Jen dealing with the aftermath of New York? Do we deserve more development on the Jack/Tobey front?

Also, if anyone has a link to the original clip of Jack and Tobey's kiss with Dido's "Take My Hand," let us know!

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419 - Late

We're back! And not a moment too...late. (Ha, ha, get it?)

Has anyone ever done a "naming shower"? Is that really a thing? The only sense of a ritual we got was when Gram's did that "old school" sonogram thing with a piece of string to try and determine if the baby was a boy or a girl.

From Traci: "I've never heard of a 'naming shower,' but that seems like it could be fun. Although most people I know who've had babies keep their name selection process quiet because they don't want too many outside opinions ruining things. It's no fun to decide a name and then have your cousin or someone be like, 'Oh yeah, I knew someone with that name once and they were a terrible person.' For the purposes of this episode though, I would've brought the names Willow and Brian to the shower. I don't know why – I just like those names."

We also have some new designs at our store!

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Study Hall #9 - Ask Us Anything

Welcome to our final episode of 2018! Yes, we're taking a 2-week holiday, but we wanted to end the year on a personal note! Thank you for listening, engaging with us, sharing the podcast with others, and buying our merch – we can't thank you enough for joining us on this journey!

Before we sign off for the year, we decided to do an "ask us anything" episode and took your questions about Dawson's Creek (including some of Charles' predictions!) and also about us (spoiler alert: we're not dating, so stop asking).

If you like this kind of Study Hall, let us know because we're always down to do this in the future! If not, no hurt feelings here :) Thank you again for all of the support and we can't wait to come back in 2 weeks with 4x19 - Late!

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418 - Eastern Standard Time

Happy Senior Ditch Day! We didn't experience Senior Ditch Day when we were in high school – does it really get this dramatic??

Oh, and someone tell us: did Jen ever talk about Annie (the downstairs neighbor) before?? Charles is convinced this was part of Jen's storyline in the past, but Traci has no recollection of it. It would've been cool if the writers had been playing a long game with Jen's story, but seeing as how there were so many ups and downs between seasons 2 and 3, that might not be the case...

Also, there are more sales at our store happening through the weekend! (Find our store FAQ post here, in case you missed it.)

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417 - Admissions

We're back! Two weeks off was nice, but we missed you all – and oh boy, what an episode to come back to. Dawson gets into USC! Joey gets into Worthington! Jack and Jen get into literally every college ever!

But because this is Capeside, nothing ever stays too happy for too long. Sigh.

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Submit your questions: ask us anything (anonymously)!Mary Beth Peil on Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, Chris Noth, and How Opera and Broadway Led to ‘Dawson’s Creek’ and ‘The Good Wife’ (The Daily Beast) Also, there's a sale at our store this week! (Find our store FAQ post here, in case you missed it.)

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416 - Mind Games

How do you solve a problem like unresolved tension between Dawson/Joey/Pacey/Gretchen? We still don't know because they continue to...not communicate. Well! Gretchen tries and then it just all kind of backfires at her...

From Traci: "It really irks me that Dawson sees Joey losing her virginity as 'the final nail in the coffin' of his and Joey's relationship. I know we should be all, 'Never say never!' and you never know if things will work out someday, but Dawson's in a relationship! Joey's in a relationship! The idea of the two of them being in a relationship together shouldn't even be on the table! It's so unfair to the Witters."

From Charles: "I have had a history of liking bad men on this show, so take this with a grain of salt, but part of me hopes we saw Gretchen effect change on Dawson this episode? Earlier on, when she drinks his coffee, she complains that there’s never enough 'coffee in his coffee' (I assume it’s s…

415 - Four Stories

We're coming off of a very long news week, and Dawson's Creek is always a nice reprieve from "the real world" – so don't mistake our exasperation with the show writers as being annoyance. We still love it! We're just also anxious!

From Traci: "It has gotten a little more difficult to talk about the episode and the arc of the season when I know what's coming and Charles doesn't, but I'm also starting to realize there's quite a bit of the little details I've forgotten. So if I misspeak or if I say something that seems misleading to Charles, it's most likely not intentional! I just forgot!"

So we're generally curious: do people like the format of "Four Stories"? There are definite pros and cons to it, as we discuss on the podcast, but overall we're not too mad at it. We still lose some of the other characters in the same way, which could be bad (i.e. Jack) or good (i.e. Drue).

From Charles: "Listen — I’ve g…