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603 - The Importance of Not Being Too Earnest

It can't be that easy to send a campus-wide email, right??

From Charles: "I have transcribed all I can from Joey’s email. Damn the motion blur that prevented me from getting all of it...

Dear Dawson,
I don’t know where to begin. Because I’m an idiot.

is no Dawson I know. Not anymore.

We don’t know how to be together, not in the present tense. And for all the rambling I’ve done in this email, I don’t know what to say to you. I thought this would be it, Dawson. I thought this would be the time it lasted without one of us getting in the way. But I don’t think we know how to stop tripping each other up. It’s like we’re trying to stop the other one from getting ahead into the future. Maybe we need to grow up, separately, turn our backs on each other for a while. I don’t know if I’ll be here when you turn

there was something there, but the sad thing is...
have all these things we’ve said and done and... that girl to you anymore, Dawson. We need to... this to each other. The only way I kn…
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602 - The Song Remains the Same

This is a very unhappy birthday, indeed. What do you all think about the start of season 6? Did Joey overreact? Did the writers blow up this ship too quickly? Are Jensen Ackles' shoulders too broad for the Dawson's Creek universe, like Charles thinks?

From Charles: "Really, our rushing this episode was a meta analysis of the way Dawson’s Creek writers wrote these two episodes. Seriously though, I cannot imagine going to bed after watching these two episodes."

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'Dawson's Creek' Reboot: Will The Show Be Resurrected? (We didn't talk about this this week, but it seems eternally relevant to talk about...)
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601 - The Kids Are Alright

Season 6 isn't holding back – we're going full speed ahead as Dawson and Joey take their "will they, won't they" relationship to the next level. Who could've predicted that? (Not Charles.)

From Traci: "It takes 16 minutes this week for us to actually start talking about the episode. Sorry. I mean... it's still sooner than Dawson shows up in the episode."

From Charles: "I cut this thought from the pod once Traci reminded me that Jack Osbourne existed, but man, Jack Osburne kind of reminds me of Buzz from season 3."

From Traci: "I didn’t realize Charles didn't know that was Jack Osbourne."

Also... FUNKOS!:

Episode links:

James Van Der Beek Already Competed on DWTS — in Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 ( Cole Shares Timely Cover of Marvin Gaye Classic: Premiere (Billboard)Dachshund's Creek

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Study Hall #12 - Season 5 Recap

We're saying goodbye to season 5 officially, and we couldn't be more happy to see it go. But there were some good moments, and we want to acknowledge those too! From top 5 moments to favorite new characters, we run through the best of what felt like a very long 23 episodes.

From Traci: "Does anyone else feel like season 5 was basically two different seasons? I stand by what I said about liking Oliver in the beginning of the season. It feels like a waste of his character though when they send him further off the rails after he shoots the film with Dawson..."

From Charles: "Regarding Andie... I know she was only supposed to defer Harvard for a year, but I imagine she's still in Europe and takes the train up to Paris to visit Joey during the summer. I bet her life in Italy is great."

And, finally... WE CAN'T BELIEVE WE'RE ABOUT TO START THE LAST SEASON! What a wild ride this has been. Stay tuned for 6x01, where we talk about our upcoming giveaway if…

523 - Swan Song

Welcome to our episode on airport change fees! Just kidding – kind of.

From Charles: "I just want to take a second to address some of the plot holes: Why did Bessie bring Joey her passport? Where are these kids getting all this money?? If Dawson is staying with Audrey, what’s he doing while she and Pacey are driving across the U.S.??? Is Pacey staying with Audrey too???? Why are international and domestic flights leaving from the same terminal?????"

So here we are, at the end of the season – and we tried to save a lot of our overall season thoughts for next week's Study Hall, but it was unavoidable entirely this time around. Do you all think this season finale would've been more impactful if the season as a whole had been better?

From Traci: "One thing I was trying to say during the episode that I don't think I articulated really well... I talked a bit this week about how I hate when shows introduce a character or a facet of a character in order to break up a…

522 - The Abby

We're back, and ready to finish out this season and say "goodbye" to the mess that was season 5! We still don't know why this episode is called "The Abby"... is this a reference we're missing? That's highly likely.

From Traci: "One thing I forgot to mention in this episode is how much I enjoyed Jen singing 'Teenage Wasteland' while standing on that armchair. She calls it part of her 'thought process,' which I liked because that would be part of mine too lol"

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521 - After Hours

As we mention during this week's episode, this was recorded pretty much right after 5x20, so we didn't get a chance to address the amazing news that came out of Comic-Con about Kerr Smith joining the next season of Riverdale! As the principal!! AHH! We'll talk about it in two weeks when we're back for 5x22!

Episode links:
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