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501 - The Bostonians

Welcome to the college years! From what we can gather from all of you, the college years aren't your favorite, but there are some standout moments to be had. And a lot of new characters to meet! Audrey, Professor Wilder, Charlie, the Sigma frat bros, Todd Car, etc...

Also, we know we've sucked at responding to comments on this website. Life has kind of gotten away from us (I'm sure it'll all be explained later!), but we will discuss comments we get on our posts! We may just be a week or two late.

From Traci: "I'll be honest: I don't remember seasons 5 and 6 in detail that well, so a lot of these episodes may be a surprise to me too as we watch them!"

From Charles: "Like I mentioned in the podcast, this was possibly my first-ever episode watching with the originally music, and boy, did it make a difference. Everything just felt like it made sense and moved quicker? Honestly, my rankings for the last few seasons may have been higher with the origina…
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Study Hall #10 - Season 4 Recap

As much as we loved season 3, season 4 is probably our favorite. Across the board, there were more consistently good episodes and more new characters we loved (even if we had to say goodbye to them, sigh). We aren't thrilled about the direction the Pacey/Joey ship went and we hate, hate, HATE what happened to Andie, but the fact that season 4 gave us a main character we could genuinely root for was a nice change.

If you've made it this far in our Dawson's Creek journey – thank you!! We love you all and can't wait to embark on the college years together.

From Traci: "I'll be honest, the college years aren't super fresh in my mind, so a lot of the next two seasons will be like both Charles and I are both watching it for the first time."

See you all next week for season 5!!

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423 - Coda

After last week's episode, this felt like a bit of a swerve, although saying goodbye to your friends is a pretty big part of leaving home...

That being said, we have a confession to make:

From Charles: "A preview for the study hall next week: Season 4 has been the best season."

From Traci: "While editing, I think we were a little harder on this episode than we really felt about it – at least for me. Like I said, I think Dawson's Creek does a really good job of capturing the feeling of what it's like to be a teenager, and they do this big goodbye stuff well, even though the pacing continues to feel a little off to me. Also, I didn't say this in the episode but...I'm glad the writers didn't take this in the direction of season 1 and just have Dawson stay behind in Capeside for Joey (or for anyone else, really). He's right: it's time to move forward and the USC summer program will be a great opportunity!"

Also... we're bringing back …

422 - The Graduate

ANDIE IS BACK!! We're so happy! Even if it's only for just this one episode! Sigh.

What a whirlwind of a season we've gone on, and even though it isn't over yet, this high school graduation episode is a great way to wrap up a lot of loose ends. The Leerys are happy and well-adjusted, Joey gave a wonderful speech, Pacey graduated, Jack is happy, and Andie is living her best life. What more could we want? (Aside from more Andie.)

Side note: the episode/storyline we blanked on while talking about Mr. Kasdan was from 4x10 - Self-Reliance.

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421 - Separation Anxiety

Happy 21st (and one day) birthday, Dawson's Creek! You're old enough to drink!

Things feel particularly sad this week as Dawson and Gretchen part for the final time (bye, Gretchen), and Pacey and Joey attempt to hold onto hope that the universe is conspiring for their happiness – but it isn't.

We also talked a bit about the "manic pixie dream girl" trope, but one thing we didn't address is the problematic nature of it too. Check out this essay from the film critic who coined it on why he regrets it.

On a happier note, Grams is heading to Boston! How convenient, hmmm?

From Charles: "Honestly, this show makes financing college seem a lot more difficult than it is. Student loans aren’t great, but fin aid offices make it pretty easy to fill gaps until your loans can come through. Even if it were too late for Jen to take out a traditional loan, I’m sure her school could have figured it out. (Also, a subset of #DawsonsCreekTaughtMe communication is key: I feel…

420 - Promicide

We have a lot to say this week, beginning with: prom on a boat is a bad idea!!

From Charles: "I’m going to leave all the serious stuff for the pod and go back to one of my most regular criticisms of this show: Why is the boy’s formal wear always so dour?? It’s prom, and they’re all wearing all black. No date matching at all! And Dawson’s clothes don’t even fit well. He looks like a chocolate bar."

So generally every school dance we've seen on Dawson's Creek hasn't gone well, but at least Jack and Tobey got a happy ending this time. What do you all think about the explosion of emotions all over senior prom? Did the Pacey stuff happen to abruptly? Do you wish we could've seen more of Jen dealing with the aftermath of New York? Do we deserve more development on the Jack/Tobey front?

Also, if anyone has a link to the original clip of Jack and Tobey's kiss with Dido's "Take My Hand," let us know!

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419 - Late

We're back! And not a moment too...late. (Ha, ha, get it?)

Has anyone ever done a "naming shower"? Is that really a thing? The only sense of a ritual we got was when Gram's did that "old school" sonogram thing with a piece of string to try and determine if the baby was a boy or a girl.

From Traci: "I've never heard of a 'naming shower,' but that seems like it could be fun. Although most people I know who've had babies keep their name selection process quiet because they don't want too many outside opinions ruining things. It's no fun to decide a name and then have your cousin or someone be like, 'Oh yeah, I knew someone with that name once and they were a terrible person.' For the purposes of this episode though, I would've brought the names Willow and Brian to the shower. I don't know why – I just like those names."

We also have some new designs at our store!

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