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407 - You Had Me at Goodbye

First thing's first: to all of our listeners and friends in the path of Hurricane Florence – give us a shout to let us know you're doing OK! Our friends, The Del Zorros – who currently live in the "Leery house" in Wilmington – shared with us a few days ago that they were safe, despite the storm. "This ol' house has survived everything #MotherNature could throw at her since 1880," they wrote to us on Twitter.  Their most recent update also shows the infamous Leery dock as the creek water rose. Keeping y'all in our thoughts!

The somber mood continues for us this week on the podcast where we say goodbye to two McPhees...

From Charles: "I present, a eulogy for Mr. McPhee (I know he’s not dead in canon, but I can’t help it):

Joseph McPhee was not the best dad in the world. As Traci has convinced me, he probably wasn’t even the best dad on Dawson’s Creek. But he was the one I loved the most, and he is one that I will miss.

Joseph McPhee worked too mu…
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406 - Great Xpectations

This wasn't really a Very Special Episode, but it might as well have been a Very Special Episode. Basically, there's a rave and things go very, very bad.

From Charles: “Do we ever see a good party in this show? That season one beach party ends with Pacey punching someone hitting on drunk Joey. Dawson’s birthday party in season two ends up with him way too drunk. Chris Wolfe’s parties are a mess. Season three is full of strippers, and now Andie’s going to the hospital? #DawsonsCreekTaughtMe never party.”

There's certainly a lot of conflicts that pop up in this episode, and they won't be disappearing anytime soon. We guess the question now is: what will happen to Andie, and who will really be held responsible? One thing's for sure is that this puts Jen back in that challenging spot she seems find herself in a lot: part of the group, but never really part of the group.

From Traci: "To me, Jen Lindley is one of the most relatable characters on this show. Not becaus…

405 - A Family Way

This week was a pretty heavy episode and felt like a sudden shift in tone and direction for the season. We're not saying it was all bad – there's actually a fair amount we did enjoy! But we would've preferred a more gradual lead into it... As Charles noted, this episode was like...getting hit in the face with a bag of molasses...?

From Charles: "Re: Getting hit in the face with a bag molasses. I think it’s a fitting metaphor for this episode! This seriousness comes out of nowhere, kind of like being slapped in the face. Everything is heavy and thick! Like.. molasses."

From Traci: "I think the 'molasses' metaphor Charles was trying to make was that watching this episode felt like trudging through a vat of molasses or something. It just felt very heavy and like...a lot. I don't know, is molasses even stored in bags? The imagery that came to my head was one of those burlap sacks used to take money out of Scrooge McDuck's vault filled with goopy m…

404 - Future Tense

Everyone is panicking over college application season, but no one is more worried for everyone else than Andie is. Good thing there's a fun party to keep everyone's minds off of it (kind of)!

From Traci: "We kind of talked about this in recording, but I didn't get to say that the night before I took the SATs, I told my parents I was studying but I was really watching The Perfect Score. I mean... I got into college and graduated, so let's not talk about those poor test scores."

It's nice to see a show set during high school getting us back into high school storylines – although bummer for Jack that his football season may have come to a quick end. Maybe he can get back into art...?

Episode links:

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403 - Two Gentlemen of Capeside

TBH, we liked "THE STORM" better for a title, but "Two Gentlemen of Capeside" will do.

From Traci: "I guess if you want to make a Shakespeare reference, 'Two Gents' makes sense, but it's still a bit of a stretch. It's arguably the Bard's weakest play, but serves the purpose of being a sort of 'origin story' for a lot of his other work. Fun fact: there's zero record of this play ever being performed during Shakespeare's lifetime. I guess he realized pretty quickly how bad it was too."

This is a pretty good episode, and keeps the expectations high for Season 4. What a strange departure from how we began Season 3! The strength of 4x03 lies in the writers zeroing in on the relationships that need the most work and that need to be addressed in order for there to be real growth this season (Dawson/Pacey, Andie/herself, Jen/Grams). It also does the fantastic job of setting up what else is to come – who really is Drue Valentine…

402 - Failing Down

Characters come and characters go, but one thing's for sure: we won't miss you, Henry. Goodbye!

As for Drue Valentine... what do you all think? On first introduction, Charles isn't so sure, but Traci wants him to wait for the Abby Morgan-like drama he's sure to stir up among our Capeside crew. Not saying that's what's going to make him likable, but things will definitely get interesting...

Episode links:
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401 - Coming Home

We've made it to Season 4! New characters! Henry leaves! We recognized parts of where some of the scenes were filmed! What an exciting season premiere.

First things first, here's one of the Season 4 trailers The WB aired ahead of the new season. Like we note on the podcast, it's very visual...

Also, about that clip that opens up our episode this week...

From Charles: "The dialogue from Pacey about how senior year is just going to be a predictable mess of births, deaths, and spirals that we didn’t talk about — I’m so curious if that was meta commentary or foreshadowing. If commentary, A+ commentary. But if that’s what’s in store for Season 4... *eyes emoji*"

We didn't really have anything too negative or too, too positive to say about 4x01. For a season premiere, it's pretty good and does everything we'd hope when it comes to establishing where these characters have been and what they've been doing for the last 3 or so months.

That having been said…