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519 - 100 Light Years From Home

Happy 100th episode, Dawson's Creek! What a milestone – and of course it couldn't come without some drama... It's a shame season 5 is so "meh" because reflecting on the show through flashbacks could've been a cool device.

From Charles: "Let’s just take a second and review what a bad spring break Jen had. Not only was she sick the entire time, she had to deal with Joey being a brat, Jack being a jerk, and Dawson getting into to Florida in the early morning and no one else letting him in?

And I’m sure she’s going to feel horrible once she finds out what happened with Jack and Dawson.

Speaking of Dawson, I know this is nitpicking, but doesn’t the chronology of this episode not make sense? It takes more than 24 hours to drive from New York City to Florida, and Oliver and Dawson hadn’t even made it to NYC yet. I feel like we’re missing a day of Spring break?"

From Traci: "Jen did have a bad episode. She was really just there, it felt, so that she and…
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518 - Cigarette Burns

Sorry in advance for any background fireworks during this week's episode! We recorded this on the Fourth of July, and people were starting their celebrations before the sun went down...

We're also sorry if this episode was too negative!! We hate being too negative because we do love this show, but we've also been frustrated this season – and we know so many of you have been too. That being said... do you like Season 5 Joey? If so, please tell us why! We're genuinely curious!

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517 - Highway to Hell

Welcome, again, to The Joey Show.

OK. It's not like we hate Joey. We're just frustrated! Yes, she deserves to have A storylines and lots of character development and growth, but so do the other characters (particularly the guy this show is named after).

From Traci: "With Dawson going back to Capeside and trying to adjust to seeing his mom in a new relationship (possibly), that could've led to some really interesting stuff. But instead, it felt so rushed and globbed together with his and Jen's breakup."

From Charles: "We didn’t touch on favorite scenes this episode (because tbh, there wasn’t much to work with), but I’m going to say my favorite parts of 'Highway to Hell' were the 30 seconds Jack was in. Kerr Smith + food = gold."

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Got someth…

516 - In a Lonely Place

Who are we to say Joey isn't dealing with the trauma of her mugging in her own way? But the show certainly doesn't allow for any development of it as we're back to usual business with the rest of the gang...

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515 - Downtown Crossing

Last week, we noted that "Downtown Crossing" was divisive, but we didn't hear from anyone defending the episode... please let us know if you did like it! We're genuinely curious! At this point, we're just so tired of Joey's storylines this season and want to get back into the soapiness of the rest of the gang.

That having been said... we still had to talk about this episode. This crazy, crazy episode.

From Traci: "I keep trying to find the reasons for this episode happening. I know we say a couple times in the podcast this week that we never hear about this storyline again, but I know that's not entirely true because Joey does acknowledge that she was mugged later in season 5... but it was like they started trying to do something here with how the trauma of what Mike Potter did to the family is still affecting Joey even in her college years... but then they didn't. I don't know. What happened here."

From Charles: "Another thought abo…

514 - Guerrilla Filmmaking

It's nice to see the group making a movie again, with Dawson in the director's chair. Even if the movie is...confusing. But at least Oliver takes direction (semi-)well and Audrey gets a chance to star in a film. We could do with less Charlie, but it is what it is.

We're curious: What do you all think about Joey "giving permission" to Audrey and Pacey?

Also, as mentioned at the top of this week's episode: there won't be a new episode next week! Sorry for any confusion!

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Study Hall #11 - Ask Us Anything, Pt. 2

Thanks for submitting all of your questions! We're sorry if we couldn't get to yours this time around!!

Charles' official Dawson's Creek series finale predictions, as of 5/23/19:
The finale takes place approximately 10 years in the future The finale revolves around the wedding between Dawson and Joey in Capeside None of the other characters are in relationships with other characters we know of Dawson is a Hollywood producer Joey is a journalist Jen is a columnist Pacey is a chef Audrey is a TV personality Jack is a businessman Lily, Gail, Bessie, Bodie and Alexander are all members of the wedding party.Got something to say? Leave it in the comments below, or you can email us at, call us at 732-98-CREEK, or find us at @dawsonsspeakpod on Twitter and Facebook.