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508 - Hotel New Hampshire

We've been meeting so many new characters this season – and here's another one! Oliver, what a little weirdo...but we kind of like him?? What do you all think?

As for this episode: it's nice to see Dawson talking about Mitch in a happy way and remembering him with such fondness. Grief is hard, and we appreciate seeing Dawson's journey through this whole ordeal. But with that being said... how does everyone feel about the Dawson/Jen situation we've found ourselves in?? We still think they're better friends than boyfriend/girlfriend, but their time in New Hampshire is sweet.

But because it's Dawson's Creek, we also know it's not going to stay drama-free for long...!

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507 - Text, Lies And Videotape

First: we have confirmed The Real World aired on MTV, so...don't @ us lol

Second: Chef Danny is such a jerk. Obviously, this is nowhere near the most important storyline of the episode, but it's one that pissed us off quite a bit.

Other than that... this episode was OK. Nothing major happened, but it wasn't boring. It's part of this "resetting" that the show tends to do from time to time after really dramatic/traumatic events – but unlike seeing Abby dying or Andie leave for Italy, the trauma is still a core part of the characters' lives (in this case, Mitch's death).

That having been said, there are still a lot of questions Charles needs answered. Listen to the pod for the rants ;)

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506 - High Anxiety

“This is Boston. They go out on boats all the time, I assume.”

As Dawson continues to deal with his anxiety post-Mitch's death, everyone else ends up caught up in more hijinks as relationships unravel and lies persist. So far, this season, #DawsonsCreekTaughtMe/Us that happiness is so, so fleeting...

Also, as mentioned in the episode, we've got room for a Study Hall (or two!) in our upcoming schedule, but we want to know what you want to hear! A Q&A? Should we revisit an episode we hated? Or perhaps we can review some fanfiction, or even review another show that's somehow Creek related? Let us know in the comments!

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505 - Use Your Disillusion

"Dawson's Creek is weird, OK?!"

We're SAD! Everyone's relationships keep falling apart! Everyone is stressed this episode! We're stressed for them! Except Professor Wilder has a cool project going on and Audrey got glittery lipstick, so I guess those are wins for them...

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504 - The Long Goodbye

Death hits Capeside again – this time, it's our beloved Mitch we have to say goodbye to... How do you all think they handled this hour-long tribute? We really liked it (spoiler alert) and as frustrated as we were with how it happened, we don't think you could've asked for a better way to send off such an important character – and actor – to the show.

From Traci: "Jen says at one point, while she's worrying to Jack about what to say to Dawson, that she's not really had this sort of experience with death happening so suddenly. But what about Abby Morgan? Obviously the two had their ups and downs, but Abby's death really hit Jen so hard. Not only was she present for it (and tried to save her), but it really shook her up to lose someone she did see as a friend and ally."

From Charles: "There’s really not much for me to say that we didn’t cover in the episode, so you all should listen to that in full, but I will make one observation: Was Jack just wear…

503 - Capeside Revisited

Previously on Dawson's Speak, Charles was enjoying season 5.

And then... #DawsonsCreekTaughtMe to not pick up dropped ice cream while driving.

From Traci: "I'm still really upset at how this happened. Maybe it was just a funny thing the writers and John Wesley Shipp agreed on, but for fans of the Leerys, this really sucks."

From Charles: "All the Mitch stuff aside, there was no way they were using a real truffle in the show, right? That thing was the size of a fist (I feel like it was maybe a rutabaga). I know white truffles can get that big, but I can’t imagine they’re getting sold to TV shows."

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502 - The Lost Weekend

"These first two episodes have been great. I have no reason to believe anything turns south." -Charles Lam (2019)

We're two episodes in and still not totally into how the writers are re-introducing the Dawson-and-Joey-are-still-in-love storyline. We know they're trying to get straight into getting everyone back together in one location, but at least give us a chance to get back on board with it after a whole season and a half of building the USS Poey!

Either's fun seeing Dawson in Boston mainly because it's fun seeing Audrey learn more about Joey's world.

From Traci: "#DawsonsCreekTaughtMe to always double-check the forms your professors may sign for you."

From Charles: "I just want to add: I’m really excited to get to know Chef Danny a little bit better, as he feels (at least in part) modeled after Anthony Bourdain. In the first scene we see Danny, he tells the waitstaff to push the fish despite it being a Monday. Bourdain first wr…