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Graduation - Our Series Finale

Three years later ... and our journey has come to an end. We love you and thank you for being part of Dawson's Speak.

"We'll see you soon, child."

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  1. well i bawled my way through the last like ten minutes, so thank you for clearing out my tear ducts. ;) i loved traci's story - i have my own soulmate and i sent the quote to them, even though they don't watch dc. like she said, this show redefined what soulmates are, and it isn't always a romantic thing.

    thank you for reading a few of my questions, i think there are two sara/h's that i know of. :)

    i'd like to give my own top 5 moments here:

    5. that scene in the series finale when they're all hanging out at the ice house
    4. the end of the all-nighter when they're jumping in the pool (that ep is one of my faves, and i'm a huge sucker for group hangs, see pick 5)
    3. joey going off with pacey at the end of s3
    2. jack telling jen she's his soulmate
    1. jen and jack sitting in the park where she tells him he's going to have a wonderful love life and it's going to change his life (i just really love their friendship)

    i've loved listening to you all every monday for the past 2 years, even though the last couple seasons were not the best of the show. i've also loved the community this podcast has brought together, especially in the comments section of these episodes.

    go out and change the world. <3

    ps - i'm sure we'd all listen to anything you both wanted to do next, but i think we also totally understand the need to take a break, and of course if you never do another podcast again, that's okay too. :) we'll just listen to this one. but i am glad that it'll still stay up, that the website and store will still be up too.

    1. also!! sorry for not including this originally, but i LOVED hearing more about the two of you. i wish i lived in new york so i could try out your food recs. and i don't drive, either! i suck at it too, and living in a chicago suburb, i can get around pretty easily with public transit/walking/friends and family. :)

      hope you're both staying safe.

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  3. Writing comments as I listen...

    That's such a good point that Charles made about KW's "plan" for Pacey and Joey (which I have gone on record before as HATING) being Mitch and Gail 2.0.

    "Pacey lost his virginity to which lovely lady?" is a trick question, because Ms Jacobs was not a lovely lady, she was a statutory rapist.

    My core six:
    1. Pacey
    2. Joey
    3. Jen
    4. Jack
    5. Andie
    6. Dawson

    This is probably reflective of the fact that I tend to watch season 3 more than any other season, and I just have a real soft spot for Joey (though I am perfectly willing to admit that she's really tiresome when she loses her edge in the back half of the show). I just have a huge crush on Katie Holmes and her chemistry with JJax is what brings me back to this show over and above anything else.

    I disagree with Traci that Jen is consistent. I think she's the least consistent character. Wise sage Jen is wonderful. Irrational-in-love Jen drives me batty. (Again, this may be reflective of the majority of my viewing being in season 3 when she's with (ugh) Henry.)

    There is no such thing as Pacey being too perfect.

    Abby Morgan is a poorly executed interesting idea, IMO. She is far too chaotic and inconsistent to make sense as a person, and her "there's nothing wrong with my home life, I just create chaos because I can" reasoning always made zero sense to me. They could at least have had her hiding some kind of problematic past which caused her to behave in such a mean-spirited way towards other people - bringing them pain because she can't cope with hers. I have an entire headcanon around Abby being the victim of childhood sexual abuse that she has never properly dealt with, which is what draws her to Jen and also leads her down a self-destructive path. It explains Jen's empathy towards her as an attempt to respond to Abby's cry for help, and shows that sometimes we can't help people who don't want to be helped. I think if the show were made today, Abby would've committed suicide, which would've been even more tragic than her actual death on the show.

    Completely agree re: Jack's wasted potential storylines in season 4. I wish they'd spent more time on his mental health, because I feel like someone with his family history would seriously panic if he started having depressive episodes. We know Jack well enough to know that he hides his problems from other people, except Jen, but he's distanced himself from her since joining the frat. It could have all culminated in a perfect storm in the spring break episode, but the show did nothing to set it up effectively and it had so little resolution. Definitely a missed opportunity.

    Mitch's death was STUPID. I didn't mind that he died, I actually quite liked how it affected the characters and storylines but the ice cream incident was so unnecessary. Especially since we learn that he was hit by someone who fell asleep at the wheel and crossed the centre line. It just made Mitch look stupid and while I never liked the character, I can't help wondering if it was some kind of vengeance from the writers over the actor's choice to leave.

    1. Okay I'm up to the top moments from the entire series, so I'm going to pause and brainstorm mine. I've ended up splitting it into two parts, because I could write a list of 100 top moments and they would all be Pacey/Joey moments, so I'm going to do 5 that are Poey and then 5 that are not to complete my 10.

      1. "Hello chin! You're back." - Castaways
      2. "I remember everything." - The Anti-Prom
      3. "You bought me a wall?" - To Green, With Love
      4. "I'm gonna kiss you in about ten seconds..." - Stolen Kisses
      5. "I wanna stop standing still, I wanna move forward, I wanna come with you." - True Love
      (Non-Poey moments)
      6. The group reunion at the Ice House in the finale (agree with Sarah on this one) - All Good Things...
      7. Dawson's ugly cry on the end of the dock (just so iconic) - True Love
      8. Jen and Joey having an ice cream anti-social on Jen's porch - Road Trip
      9. Jack complaining that his hot cocoa is "awful foamy" (an iconic moment often quoted by me and my friends, the epitome of Kerr Smith's awesome food acting) - somewhere in season 3
      10. Joey breaking down and confessing her feelings for Dawson without actually confessing her feelings for Dawson (this one gets me in the feels every time, it's so raw and heartfelt) - Detention

      Listening to Charles' top 10 list, when he got to the Pacey/Sheriff Witter moment I was like "meh" because my opinion of Sheriff Witter's inconsistent character development is very similar to his, but then the audio played and I stopped what I was doing and literally clutched my chest because of the FEELS so I revise my opinion and agree that moment is magical. And the Pacey/Mitch scene is also wonderful, an easy highlight of season 5.

      Right I've run out of time so I'll post this much for now and listen to the rest of the podcast in the next day or so. Loving it so far, thanks so much again and I'm so going to miss this!!

    2. Omg the Joey and Jen scene when they’re having their ice cream anti-social is so good and sweet AND WHY COULDN'T THEY CONTINUE LIKE THAT WRITERS??? They could have been, like, actual friends.

      Sorry, I have a lot of feelings about the potential Jen/Joey friendship. It’s my favorite friendship that never really was. Although, like I was telling Kate via Twitter, my headcanon is that they became close, finally, in the 5 years between the “end” of s6 and the finale. That might also have something to do with their age and becoming more mature, but my girl Jen (who is also my fave character! I got so excited when she was Traci’s too) was almost always wise beyond her years.

    3. Okay I'm back. Charles, you'll be pleased to know that the local coffee roastery that I visit on the reg (well, I used to when I went to work every day) does an espresso and soda water drink as part of their menu. I tried it once, and it was ... hmm. My coffee order is a single shot decaf flat white so basically I drink milk that tastes vaguely of coffee (without the caffeine) so you can probably imagine how I felt about the coffee spritzer but just wanted to say that you're not that only person who likes that, Matt who runs the Dark Horse roastery in Paraparaumu, New Zealand also likes his coffee that way.

      And I made it to the end...thanks guys for all your hard work over the years and for making such an enjoyable podcast. In the spirit of sharing personal stories, I'll say that one of the best decisions I ever made in life was to travel to the USA to work at a summer camp. I ended up at the most delightful horse camp in New Hampshire, and made some of my best friends there - including the woman that I consider my soulmate, even though we haven't seen each other in years as she lives in upstate NY and I live here in NZ. But we connected on a deep and almost immediate level when we met at camp, and I love her so much and miss her so much. (I also met my equine soulmate at that camp, known in equestrian terms as my "heart horse" - so it's a very special place to me. One summer, one of our Canadian counsellors introduced a song to us that goes like this (sing along if you know it):

      I wanna linger
      A little longer
      A little longer here with you, with you
      It's such a perfect night
      It doesn't seem quite right
      That it should be my last with you, with you
      But come September
      I will remember
      All the times I spent with you, with you
      And as the years go by
      I'll think of you and smile
      This is goodnight but not goodbye.

      So that song that DC ends with, and that you ended your pod with, reminds me of that song, and standing shoulder to shoulder with some of my favourite people in the entire world, trying to sing through our tears on the last night of camp.

      One of our camp directors also used to say, when the kids were leaving camp - "It's not goodbye, it's just see you later." So that's how I'm going to finish this message to you - ka kite ano. See you later.

  4. I stretched listening to this pod out because I just didn't want it to end and be over! But great job and thanks for this project to Traci and Charles, you guys did a great job and it's a lot of work!

    My 10 favorite eps (no particular order)
    -The "standards": Weekend in the country, Castaways, The Long Goodbye, Longest Day, True Love
    Then, some random ones:
    -The Scare: the S1 Friday 13th joke/prank episode. Just very light-hearted and good early DC fun, what early DC was all about.
    -Alternative Lifestyles: an early S2, liked this more than most. The one where as a class project Dawson+Jen are a couple (in early Dawson/Joey relationship) which is some good teen angst from all three parties. The Pandie really starts to take shape here too, but much like Dawson can't separate from Jen, Tamara shows up to foil Pacey (which I know most Tamara items are groan-worthy, but I felt this was the least yuck part).
    -The Reluctant Hero: Pacey and the grocery store scene with Andie's mom! One of the best in the whole series
    -Unusual Suspects: Nice to see Pacey and Dawson working together again in S4. Really clever episode to show how they pulled the prank and frame Drew Valentine for something he didn't do
    -The Te of Pacey: the infamous Pacey "surprise" birthday at his house. Such a good trainwreck for him to go through. Plus Jane Lynch as Pacey's mom, never forget! Doubt this is one of the series' most memorably great eps, but I like it a lot

    Thanks again to all in this community for making a fun place to talk and chat and share ideas and see so many good thoughts! I found this pod and caught up pretty quickly last summer, it was so enjoyable and now Monday's aren't going to be the same (you know, if life ever gets back to normal) with no new Dawson's Speak to listen to :( but it was a wonderful job by Traci and Charles and thanks for taking us all on the journey with you! Cheers

  5. Love reading/hearing everyone's favorite moments/episodes!!

  6. Just finished listening to 'Graduation', which was both sad and lovely. Thank you Traci and Charles for sharing your Dawson's Creek thoughts with us, I have loved listening and commenting. You will be missed!

    Here are my fave moments, like Kate I am going to do P/J and other.

    1. 'I remember everything' Anti-Prom. Sheer P/J perfection. Cry everytime I see it or even hear it.
    2. 'I wanna come with you' from True Love
    3. Joey kissing Pacey in Stolen Kisses
    4. Pacey face when he is hugging Joey at the end of The Two Gentlemen of Capeside. So much love.
    5. Pacey and Joey's scene at the end of The Valentine's Day Massacre when he chickens out of telling her how he feels and tells her about her driving instead

    Top 10 non P/J moments (not in a particular order, and I couldn't limit myself to 5 I'm afraid)
    1. Sheriff Witter talking to Pacey about Andie's phone call and their hug
    2. Joey talking to her dad in prison in Decisions
    3. Jen's video message for Amy
    4. Pacey's Braveheart impersonation
    5. Grams saying 'I'll see you soon...child'
    6. Andie and Dawson singing the blues
    7. Dawson and Joey dancing at the end of A Perfect Wedding
    8. Pacey pushing Bessie out of the door by her face in Northern Lights
    9. Andie putting Pacey and Dawson's arms around each other before Dawson's takes their photo in You Had me at Goodbye
    10. Pacey crying about his dad on the beach in Uncharted Waters

    Character rankings:

    1. Pacey
    2. Joey
    3. Jen
    4. Jack
    5. Dawson
    6. Andie

    Dawson's Creek I love you so much!

  7. Late to the party. I basically rewatched all of Dawson's Creek over the quarantine and I watched it in real time though I was probably too young to watch the show (I had older sisters that were the target age group). I became obsessed with the show. They became obsessed with Felicity. Go figure.

    Anyway, after listening to all those hours of the podcast, just wanted to say you guys did a really good job. Also, I am sort of sad and happy. And it makes me want to go and restart it all over again. Dawson Creek tapped into that nostalgia and maybe you guys do that, too, now.

    Character rankings:

    1. Pacey
    2. Jen
    3. Jack
    4. Joey
    5. Dawson
    6. Andie

    I won't necessarily name favorite moments cause my thoughts aren't organized enough. I'll just mention things that don't get enough credit. Pacey's friendships with everyone, not just Joey and Dawson. Pacey was such a good friend to Jack and to Jen. They had really great dialogue. It often gets overlooked because we focus on the ties Pacey had to Dawson and Joey and how it changed during the course of the show. But there is so much joy in Pacey and Jack bonding over almost sleeping with Jen (A virgin and a straight guy) or when Pacey stood up for Jack when he was forced to come out. There is when Pacey was with Jen when she ran into the restaurant to confront Charlie or when Jen asked Pacey to say something offensive to get her angry enough to be able to get her edge back for her radio talk show. There are tons of those moments which are so good. SO in the series finale, there is a real pay off for me when Pacey is the first person to go in the room and talk to Jen after Jack. And it is with him, Jen breaks down and gets angry. And it really does pay off to me to hear that Pacey push Doug and Jack to reconcile during the wake. It is why I have Pacey ranked as #1. He was such a good friend to so many of the characters. And even when they weren't particularly close, he was still there in the background.

    Also, looking back on the show as an adult, I know I was harsh towards Jen character when I was a kid. Mainly because of season 2. But by the end of the show, I just felt her life was tragic and it gets to me all the time. Felt it when it first aired and I still feel it now. So it makes her scenes with the other main five characters so much more important to me now.

    Great job! And now enjoy your rest.


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