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623 & 624 - All Good Things ...Must Come to an End

We are honestly in disbelief that we've finally made it here. This was 3 years in the making, and we're not gonna lie: there were times we didn't think we'd actually be able to finish it. But we're so glad we did and we're too emotional to put it into words right now.

BUT! This doesn't mean "goodbye." We have a final final wrap-up still to do for our own little podcast series finale that'll be out in two weeks! We'll update this post when we know when we're going to record it, but you should also keep an eye out on our social media pages too where we'll tell you a little more because we want to hear from you:
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We know it's been a rough time around the world right now, wherever you are. We hope this (very long) episode of us deliriously talking about the series finale helps a little with whatever anxiety or stress you might be feeling!

(And yes, Traci did edit out about 20 minutes of audio from the original recording, but those 20 minutes were mainly long pauses, occasional moments where we had to start a thought or a clip over, and one moment where we argued too long about whether or not sheriffs were elected positions in Capeside. So you're not missing much, we promise!)

We love you. We'll talk to you soon.

-Traci & Charles

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  1. Great job, epic podcast but I enjoyed it and will miss Dawson's Speak! Thanks for all the work on this project.

    I agree with what Charles said near the end that there shouldn't be any revivals or reunions or anything (one of the few good side effects of killing Jen is that they can't do any true ones...) I like this show for being a portrait of time, when all of us in our 30's were growing up before cell phones and 9/11 and all the craziness of being an adult. That's what Dawson's Creek is to me- being young learning how to grow up and find your place in the world with all the trials and tribulations of becoming an adult.

    Wouldn't feel right to catch up again, and that was the great part of the series finale is kinda that they got the best of both worlds to tell the end of the story and leave no reason to bring it back. Some things are just best as a memory and this is one! It can't really be recaptured and there's no point now of trying.

    That said, glad KW got to come back and finish it up the way that felt fitting for him. That's prob where there was so much more/better Jen, Jack, Doug stories, the early seasons definitely did more with the non-Dawson+Joey characters and did it a lot better than the last few years.

  2. thanks, josh, traci, and charles for sharing the link to the music! I love it.

    also, thank you for an excellent episode discussion - your last one! :D I'm glad you talked about the extended version, a lot of those scenes I wish they'd kept in, especially the jack/doug ones as that gave way more context to their relationship.

    I loved what was said about jack and jen and how good it is they got a lot of screentime in the series finale, especially since they didn't get good storylines in the last couple seasons. jack and jen were and are my favorite friendship on this dang show.

    I'm not done with the episode yet, I'm trying to stretch it out as much as possible. :) but did you really have to play the audio of jen's video AND grams "see you soon"??! and yet, I wouldn't have expected anything else.

    also!! thank you for starting off with charles' reactions to major plot points! that made me smile so hard. :)

  3. I recently re-watched season one and I noticed that a lot of the music from the season finale is repeated in the series finale. I think that adds to the feeling of home that you get with the finale.

    Also, I wanted to mention that one reason I really like this finale is that because it is so nostalgic, it is one of the few series where as soon as I watch the finale, I get the urge to re-watch the pilot.

    1. Sorry - to clarify I meant the music from the season one finale is repeated in the series finale.

  4. I am so happy I discovered you two 😭😭 I have 3 years worth of episodes when things are crazy at the moment. Good tv and music keeps you comforted and believe me I NEED it right now xx

  5. Okay, I'm still about 20 minutes from the end, but I wanted to get some of my thoughts down.

    I remember coming into this finale completely spoiler free on the night it originally aired (I had just caught Joshua Jackson on the 7:30 replay of The Daily Show, where he was promoting the finale, and otherwise had no idea it was happening) and I remember during the "You're off the hook speech" thinking, OMG, she's going to choose Pacey. And then, the instance the Dawson/Joey "You and me always" scene happened, just like Charles, I thought she was choosing Dawson instead.

    I've had the Series Finale DVD since it was released around Thanksgiving of 03. We had been Christmas shopping while visiting my Aunt, and I had stopped in at one of those CD/DVD stores that barely exist anymore and I found a copy and it was an insta-purchase without any additional thought. I had a portable DVD player (which was super cool at the time!) and watched it on the car ride home. None of this is important, but I'm SUPER attached to this finale. I can't even remember what the broadcast version is like. Is the "What's a Soulmate?" speech really not in the broadcast cut? That's such a popular quote on Twitter and Tumblr.

    I watched it again recently with the commentary track and wanted to drop some highlights:
    - They cast Jeremy Sisto as Joey's NY boyfriend because he was a fairly recognizable actor (especially for WB standards) and they wanted the viewers to feel like they already knew him, since his screentime is so brief, and they wanted us to believe that he has a chance with her.
    - Melissa McBride (Carol from the Walking Dead) plays Joey's coworker in the deleted scenes. She was also the college girl that Dawson hit on in Providence during the Road Trip episode in Season 1. Kevin Williamson and Paul Stupin joke that she's playing the same character (but not really)
    - The scene where Pacey asks Jen for one of her pills and she gives him one was not scripted. It was just Josh and Michelle having fun with it.
    - The dance scene is a callback to Four to Tango when Pacey, Joey, Dawson, and Jen continuously switch dance partners.
    - Greg Berlanti was working on Everwood at the time, and tasked his medical research staff with coming up with Jen's heart condition.
    - Charles already mentioned this, but Kevin wrote the first hour of the finale with the intention Joey ending up with Dawson. Part of the reason they brought Andie back was to give Pacey a happy ending, which was part of the reason why she was cut, because they were worried she was going to seem like a consolation prize. (Ugh, I love her "knowing when it's wrong and doing something about it" speech.)
    - Majority of the Pacey cooks Joey dinner scene was adlibed. Their direction was "They have a food fight" and the rest is pure chemistry.
    - The Off the Hook speech is heavily edited because it gave Joey's choice away. The line about Dawson being tied to her childhood was supposed to happen first, and then she was supposed to declare her love for Pacey, telling him that loving him was "like a woman loving a man." They also laugh at Pacey's line "What are you trying to say here" because they edited the speech around so much it was hard to follow.
    - Gail and Bessie interrupting the Off the Hook scene was the actors' curtain calls.
    - One of Kevin's reasons for killing off Jen, was because her entrance in the Pilot rocked the Creek and put the entire series in motion, and now her death in the Series Finale rocks the Creek and forces the characters to find their conclusions.

    Thank you for such a great episode, and great podcast in general! I'm sad that next week is the last episode, but hope to catch whatever podcast you decide to do next, if ever you decide to do one. Also, stay safe in all the craziness out there!

    1. thank you so much for sharing all of this! I love reading behind the scenes stuff, and this makes me so happy. :)

    2. I love all of these facts, thank you so much! I used to hate the fact that Jen dies because let's face it, she never catches a break, but older me gets why Kevin Williamson did it and it so tragically good.

  6. Thank you so much Traci and Charles for doing this podcast! I know there are a few DC podcasts out there but there is something about yours which makes it the best one (I think it's your natural chemistry - FRIENDLY don't worry ;) - and the fact that you can appreciate that the show is still good despite it being sometimes out of touch and a bit cringe-y & OTT).

    I haven't watched the finale in years and I was worried I wouldn't like it because I don't remember hating Season 6 as much as I did this time, but luckily I still loved it. The only major thing I think I would have changed was Dawson's whole TV show being The Creek and being exactly like Dawson's Creek. I get the writers think they're being super clever and meta but this is the 3rd time Dawson does the whole re-writing his childhood into entertainment and I'm really quite over it!

    Also, the UK repeats are on a channel called Channel 4 and they must have not bought the original rights or something (I don't know how these things work haha) because the theme song was still Jan Arden for me. I don't actually hate the Jan Arden song, I got used to it back in the day because when DC was first shown in the UK they used that song for season 1 anyway.

    Looking forward to Graduation, and really hope at some point you can come back with another podcast (I'm holding out for Gilmore Girls or The OC).

    Pacey & Joey forever :)

  7. I absolutely loved your commentary about the finale! I've been so curious to hear what Charles thought and I'm so glad he loved it too! I agree with the commenter before me, that I always want to start rewatching it as soon as I finish the finale. I thought it was a perfect series finale, and I could not be happier that Joey and Pacey end up together. I'm so glad that you guys loved Jack and Doug being together, because I've heard people say they don't like them together and I just don't understand why.
    I'm so torn with how I feel about them doing a revival show, but I would love some more fanfiction (hint, hint, Charles)! I would want to see them reuniting for Amy's high school or college graduation.
    Thank you so much for the past 3 years, I'm going to miss listening to you guys every Monday morning. I look forward to your final graduation episode, and hope you guys do another podcast together!!

  8. I'm a bit late but I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful podcast. I watched the show back in the day until season 3 and just re-watched it during the lockdown. Miraculously I didn't have any spoilers either so I got to enjoy it like Charles. Loved your observations, especially as you're a little younger than me so you sometimes gave a more critical perspective (rightly so) of things that are oh-so-cringey now.

    For any Australian viewers, Stan actually has the extended finale (with Andie's deleted scenes!) while Amazon Prime and 7Plus have the double-episode version which was aired on TV.

    Thank you again Traci and Charles and all the best in your new endeavours. Thanks for keeping me company during the lockdown.

  9. I am just listening to this and truly have enjoyed your banter and love listening to you guys!

    My gawd, every clip in this episode gets me all choked up. I love hearing both of your perspective on this great coming of age story. This has been a great way to pass the quarantine time.

    Team Pacey & Joey forEVER!

  10. What hook Pacey let Joey from ?They were not together and did not have proper contact for 5 years . What ties had she to him at that time .She dumped him in a school dance 😊.the first hour should have built up some pj moments and they should reunite on a doc kissing and elaborating all the amnesia and Eddie thing for our sanity even 😂😂

  11. I mean this guy deserved a really good explanation. From S4 joey running after for Dawson and so invested in it that she forgot to plan future with her true love or even recognize what he is going through academically and mentally


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