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Bonus Episode - How We're Passing the Time in Isolation

Surprise! We know we said you'd hear from us in 2 weeks for our "graduation" episode, and that's still coming next week...but right now, we wanted to take a few minutes (OK, more like 40 minutes) to talk about ways we're passing the time.

Our world is in a scary place right now and it's uncharted territory for most of us. Be safe, wash your hands, and enjoy our recommendations for what we're listening to, watching, and reading :)

Traci's recommendations:
Other things Traci forgot to mention during the podcast:
  • This TikTok channel of a farmer and his misbehaving cows is my new favorite thing
  • Before social distancing became the norm, two grad students and I made hand sanitizer
Charles' recommendations:
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  1. well i did not know i needed the sims 100 baby challenge until just now. but i know what i'll be watching for the next few hours! and now i want to play the sims.

    also i am here for both your nerdy things! it's nice hearing what other people are listening to/reading/watching!

    this episode was delightful, thank you so much for it. :)

  2. Hi everyone, I haven't listened to this pod yet but wanted to say hi and hope everyone is doing well.

    My country (New Zealand) goes into full lockdown at 11:59pm tonight (about 13 hours from now) although many of us are already acting as if we are in lockdown. That means we can only go shopping for essentials, the only places open are supermarkets, pharmacies and essential services. I don't work for an essential job (commercial printing) so we are shut down for at least 4 weeks. People are required to minimise contact with others, we can go for walks and to get groceries but must maintain a 2m distance between people at all times. I live alone (although I do have the company of a cat, a dog, two horses, three chickens and eleven sheep) so it's going to be an interesting period of time. It's a bit overwhelming to think about things like not being able to go for a drive to visit friends, not being able to see my parents for at least a month (my dad is 83 and has bad asthma anyway so he is being very closely contained by my mother), etc. It's going to take a while to get my head around it all, but I am very grateful for the wonderful leadership we have in this country, our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is doing a fabulous job and we are so, so lucky to have her in charge at this insane time.

    One way I am keeping myself sane is writing, I am a part-time author and have written and published 16 novels so far (with the next one almost completed). Four of them are free in a 'box set' on Kindle this week so if anyone is interested, this is them: They are YA equestrian themed books set in New Zealand, the first four are quite short (30-50k words) but they get longer as the series goes, the one I'm finishing up now (book 11) is over 90k and not even completed yet. Hope you don't mind the little toot of my own horn there!

    One other thing I've been thinking about as we've been going through this delightful Dawson's Creek podcast is doing a story rewrite on the show and recalibrating what happens, initially I was only going to do this from season 4 onwards (because I wanted to write a version where Andie gets to stay the whole season, and because seasons 5 and 6 need help) but I may end up doing the entire show. Who knows. But with a minimum of four weeks downtime, I may end up doing this. If I do, I'll put links on Twitter @CreekFixing (it's a crappy handle but I didn't notice that's what Twitter assigned me, so whatever). I haven't posted anything yet but I'll be doing it in my downtime, for now I better get back to finishing that next novel...

    Take care everyone, and in the words of the NZ Government:
    Be kind, stay home, save lives.

    1. hi kate!

      i live in the us and my state is "sheltering in place," which is a kinder way of saying lockdown because a lot of the stuff you're doing (or not doing) sounds like what i'm doing (or not) now. and it is not great and i can't wait for it to end, but i get it. the really sucky thing is that i can't go see my grandparents, but they're going to be one of the first visits i make when all this is over and i keep telling myself that. i'm glad you have all your animals, hopefully they help.

      thank you for sharing your stories! i'm a librarian and i've been trying to get more into ya novels, because my department (adult services wooo!) recently merged with the ya department.

      and i love your rewrite idea! i'd love to rewrite the whole show, if i had any writing ability at all. like i'd make the friendships be bigger storylines, because some of my favorite scenes are just group hangs, especially jen and joey. anyway, just followed you and i love your hashtags! :D

      stay safe. <3


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