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210 - High Risk Behavior

Things get rather...intimate in Capeside this week. Dawson and Jen cozy up, Jack awkwardly poses for Joey, and Pacey and Andie have a romantic evening. Also, Traci and Charles have a laughing fit over Jack's inability to properly clean up a spilled milkshake; and Pacey wore more shirts.

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  1. Hi! Sorry to dig up an old post-do you even see these or get a notification if someone comments on something this old? -so you may never even see this lol. Anyway I’ve enjoyed your podcast and so went back to listen to your older episodes too.

    Just wanted to say that I’m the same age as the characters in the show are supposed to be (hs class of 2001) and yes we DID use the word “scrump” and “scrumping” for sex back in high school lol. Not sure where it came from or if it was a regional thing (I was in ga and Dawson’s creek filmed in NC so maybe the writers picked up on some southern lingo while they were living there?) but it was def a word used for sex.


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