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219 - Rest In Peace

RIP Abby Morgan, but man...what an awkward funeral. Jen goes into full self-destruct mode, Andie wrestles with guilt (and hallucinations...or a ghost), and Traci and Charles argue about whether or not Dawson was the worst in this episode (spoiler alert: he wasn't).

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  1. I am late to the party and found your podcast this year. I’m currently on a roadtrip around Canada on my own and I love listening to it - not only does it take me back to my teen years when I was a fan of DC, but it’s like I’m just hanging out with you guys while I’m driving. It passes the time a lot faster than just listening to music. Great job! (Also I am hoping more “words that Charles has been pronouncing wrong his entire life” show up in future episodes - that has been my favourite part so far!)


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