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322 - The Anti-Prom

We're not gonna lie: we recorded this before our Wilmington trip, and almost immediately after the last episode, so we were a little exhausted.

But proooooom! We love a good dance episode, and this one delivered. Did you all go to your prom? What was your theme? Was it as dramatic as Capeside's junior prom?

From Traci: "As mentioned in the episode, I went to one prom during high school and it wasn't even my own school's prom! And I don't even remember my prom date's name. Senior year, despite being on Class Council/Prom Planning Committee, I didn't go because I hated my school's rules about needing to have a date of the opposite gender. Had I been the loudmouth I am today (also, had there been social media!), I would've shown up with a girl anyways and let them kick me out after I'd helped planned so much of it."

From Charles: "Note re: prom clothing. Everyone's prom clothes were so dour this episode! (Dawson and Joey were going to a funeral. Pacey's tie made him look like Mr. Darcy. Henry's suit was way too big.)

As you can see, I picked a pretty standard mid '00s prom outfit (Traci tells me kids nowadays are much more stylish). I actually regret my outfit now! My senior year biology teacher had told all the boys to get cummerbunds because.. when would you wear a cummerbund. I went with the three-piece because.. I don’t even remember why. If any of you listeners are kids getting ready for prom, wear a cummerbund so I can live vicariously."

From Traci: "I just taught Charles how to spell 'cummerbund.'”

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  1. Another awesome podcast! This is one of the most remembered episodes, and you can totally see why. These are my thoughts:

    I honestly don’t understand at this point why Joey would want to remain friends with Dawson to the point of giving up everything. I understand that she’s between a rock and a hard place, and I understand how difficult the situation is for her, but at the same time I’m disappointed that she’s letting herself be manipulated by Dawson, and again succumbs to his wishes. She already gave up Paris for Dawson, and look at how that turn out. She also doesn’t seem to realize that things can’t just go back to the way they were, and Dawson is never going to respect Joey or Pacey enough to come out of his self-absorption and realize he needs to dial it down like 500 notches and step aside. I can understand that Joey holds Dawson’s friendship very dear to her heart, and it’s been her one source of comfort during difficult times. It’s been her one constant. At the same time any rational person would realize that clinging to a friendship like this is an impossible task. Because that person doesn’t want a friendship, and has no consideration for her feelings whatsoever. When Dawson kissed Joey at the end of the night and told her to think of all the things she’d be giving up if she didn’t chose him. How arrogant and manipulative can you be? Uh, let me think, she’ll be giving up manipulation, self-absorption, controlling behaviour, and I can go on. At this point she needs to make a decision, I think it's a pretty easy one but of course that's just me.

    Dawson becomes completely insufferable. If there was ever a part of me that sympathised with him, that part is now completely gone. Here he plans an anti-prom under the guise of helping Jack, holds Joey to some childhood pact to get her to go with him, when it’s all just another ploy to keep holding on to Joey and guilt trip her into staying with him. He then freaks out on Joey when things don’t go the way he planned them, and yells at her for believing the night was about friendship. Jesus Christ Dawson, it’s like he got angry because she didn’t see through his manipulation. She thinks the night is about friendship, because that’s what you said it would be! He’s too much!

    If you compare Andie & Pacey, and Dawson & Joey, it’s evident who the couple that had the most mature relationship was, and who actually loved each other, as suppose to ideals of each other. Andie has always been a lot more mature than Dawson, obviously I mean everyone is. But Andie loves Pacey as a person, and that means that she just wants to see him happy. It was so sweet when she encouraged him to pursue Joey and not give up on it. It just shows the mutual respect that would exist between two people who were each other’s first love.

  2. As far as Dawson getting the idea for the Anti-Prom, I didn’t doubt for a single second that he was doing it for selfish reasons. Let’s be honest, when has he ever done anything without taking into consideration how it affects HIM? When they were talking in the school steps, you can see that Andie and Joey are the ones defending Jack, and being indignant on his behalf, and Dawson is just silent contemplating how, if he and Joey don’t have a prom to go to, he’ll lose his chance to manipulate her emotionally. Only then he proposes the Anti Prom. And then he’s all pleased with himself, while Joey smiles at him as if he actually came up with the idea for Jack.

    Neither Jack and Ethan, nor Jen and Henry have enough chemistry for me to be invested in them. I’ve never liked Henry, and I still don’t like him now. Although I think he obviously should have told Jen about his summer plans, I kind of think that Jen overreacted. But only because we have to realize that the kid’s a freshman! I mean it’s one of those things were he’s a freshman and she’s a senior, and the relationship is just unbalanced.

    As fas as Jack and Ethan, I don’t see the chemistry there either, but I like seeing Jack grow and become more confident with himself, and be willing to stand up for himself. That moment with Andie and Jack selling tickets next to Barbara is glorious. Love the Mc Phees!

    At the end of the episode, when Dawson says “ok I’ll wait”, to Joey telling him that she’s not ready to choose. He goes on this rant about a soul-searching journey, and finding her at the end and it’s all just more cringe worthy. Dawson has always been a cringe worthy person, but he’s reaching ultimate cringe levels. Like he’s so delusional. He’s always been someone who’s completely oblivious to other people, and just centered on himself, but Joey is supposed to be his best friend, and everything in her body language is expressing rejection towards him. Like his delusion knows no bounds.

    The best thing about this episode is THAT scene between Joey and Pacey. Just epic. It really does feel so right and natural between them. Everything between Pacey and Joey is so different than it ever was between Dawson and Joey. That’s because Pacey loves her unselfishly, and he doesn’t need to manipulate her into loving him the way Dawson is trying to do. It’s just that…True Love!

  3. No interest in joining in on or engaging with the Dawson-bashing. I just don't see any of it. I've got nothing to say here, except: Haters gonna hate.
    [I like both Pacey and Dawson. Both are flawed characters, which makes them interesting.]
    Bottom line - If I were a gay guy in HS, I would not give a shit if someone's motives for supporting me were not 100% pure - it's still major support, so Dawson is the hero of the ep.

    1. Not trying to start anything but what is your point in saying what you're saying about the Dawson "bashing" when Traci already told you that everybody was entitled to their own opinion about this fictional character? You like him, I get it but that has nothing to do with how I or anybody else has to feel about this fictional character. So with your logic because I don't like Dawson then everybody has to dislike Dawson lol Meaning that not everybody is going to share the same opinion as mine and we can disagree but to keep complaining about it is ridiculous. Who are we hurting by disliking this fictional character anyway? Nobody is forcing you to listen to the podcast or read the comments. We all can get passionate about these fictional characters but at the end of the day, it's just a show. It's entertainment and not meant to get hostile about sharing different opinions because once again these are all fictional characters. It'll be okay lol

    2. How is the "Dawson bashing" a Haters Gonna Hate thing? We're all watching a TV show and discussing and exchanging opinions on what we see. If I hate Dawson and you don't, that's completely fine, and we can debate on his character and the things going on in the show. But I wrote what I felt about every storyline and character while watching the episode, and the reasons why it made me feel a certain way. This isn't a case of just bashing someone because "haters gonna hate", we're discussing and exchanging opinions on a TV SHOW and on FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. I'm entitled to my opinion, and if Dawson does something that makes me hate him, I'm gonna say it, and I'm gonna explain why. Because that's what I like to do when i watch TV shows, talk to others and debate and analyze. Just like you're totally entitled to answer and explain why you don't agree, and give your reasons. But your comment sounded like you're disregarding anyone's opinions as just "bashing" just because.

      On another note, good for you that you wouldn't give a shit about Dawson's motives if you were Jack, but I fail to see how Dawson is the hero of anything in this episode. How Jack feels or doesn't feel about Dawson's motives, is not really the point. The point is what the situation says about Dawson as a "person", and how self-centered and disingenuous he is. Does he care about Jack? No. Does he care about Joey? No. Does he care about Andie? No. He cares about getting what he wants, but in a really infantile way. And when he doens't get it, he throws a hissy fit like he did when he screamed in Joey face for not going along with his plan.

  4. I let my annoyance distract me from the totally fly prom pictures of Traci and Charles Look at those two looking sharp as all get out. Charles was big pimpin (p.i.m.p) lmao and Traci looked like a princess. Thanks for sharing those!

    As for Dawson, what a massive camel turd. I mean good grief he called the anti prom that was supposed to be in support for his discriminated against friend, stupid. Wtf? He then gets upset when his sneaky villainous manipulations didn't get him what he had hoped. Also why is he so damn angry at Pacey? Pacey hasn't forced anything or schemed against him or did anything to purposely try and hurt Dawson... I mean Dawson is basically pissed that Pacey developed feelings for Joey and because Joey realized she felt the same way about Pacey and both were worried about hurting him so they kept putting it off until Jen accidentally told him but all of that is Pacey's fault? lmao Ugh Dawson's just an ass bag imo.... until s4

    Andie looked so freaky. I mean I understand why Paul Stupin said there was a problem with the wardrobe person and they eventually quit lmao They needed to by the looks of things. I wonder if Meredith Monroe stepped on the wardrobe person's basket of puppies or something because they seemed like they had a grudge against her all of s3. Those hairstyles and clothes to make her look younger just ended up making her look ridiculous imo.

    On to True Love: Not much to say because once again, I only cared about Pacey and Joey. Wait not true, I liked Jack putting himself out there and mustering the courage to kiss Ethan. Props to DC having the first same-sex romantic primetime kiss. Kudos! I think Greg Berlanti threatened to quit if the network didn't allow them to visibly show it. Good for him! I love that guy lol He's mainly responsible for the awesome slowburn of Pacey and Joey and it was so well done.

    I know Dawson meant well by "allowing" his hostage (shout out to the loose lips podcast for describing Joey as Dawson's hostage) go but even that was ass-ish. The "all roads lead back to me" crap and the "You're free" is just arrrgh. No shit Sherlock, she was free all along and if it wasn't for his emotional blackmail, she would've been "free" to be with who she really wanted to be with but he played on her fear of losing his friendship. Oh yeah such an upstanding guy. Also the "all roads lead back to me" is such a shitty thing to say. It's like he's dismissing her feelings for Pacey. Like "There's no way she could ever feel as strongly for Pacey as she does me so she'll end up back with me eventually" *insert Dawson's diabolical laughter here*

    The scene where Joey tells Pacey she can't give him a reason to stay makes me tear up every single time. Just the hurt on both of their faces is just so sad. Oh and when she tells Pacey goodbye and walks away, the look on Pacey's face just makes me want to sob tiny sticks to hit Dawson with lmao

    Then when Joey is dancing with her captor and force faking her barely there enthusiasm for their summer plans and trying not to cry, again, where are my tears of sticks to beat him with in my head? LOL It's so freaking sad

    The ending made up for all the Dawson b.s. but I still find it annoying that Dawson gets rewarded for his shitty behavior by having a cheering up squad but nevermind that Jack just had his heart broken... he needs to run to the video store so they all can cheer up Jafar. Whatever.

    1. LOL at cheering up Jafar.

      I always thought it was weird how they were waiting in his room!! He doesn't deserve these amazing friends.

    2. Right? He schemes and manipulates and lies and is just a crappy person but people keep overlooking his shit lmao I find it absurd the writers want all these characters surrounding Dawson to just think so highly of him and act like he deserves to be coddled but how hard is it to just write a title character into a decent person that shows the viewers that he deserves to be thought so highly of? Surprisingly enough, I do eventually somewhat start liking Dawson after ep3 season 4. It hurts to type those words lmao (Until he starts obsessing over someone's virginity and then I want to Karate Kid kick him in the face again)


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