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Study Hall #7 - Season 3 Recap

Doesn't season 3 feel like two different seasons?? This week's episode is our usual season recap, complete with our favorite and least favorite episodes, top moments, and new characters we love (and really, really hated).

We cannot stress enough how much we love you all for listening to our show! When we started this, it was a passion project that we weren't sure would work out, but we've been blown away at the amazing community of folks who've found their way to our podcast. Thank you for everything!

Next week, we'll be discussing Young Americans before we dive into season 4, so stick around!

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  1. I swear I tried to keep this short but I failed smh So what a fun look back at season 3! Season 3 is one of those seasons of a show that was so rewarding yet emotionally exhausting by the end. It was a pleasant surprise to hear the mention about the "same day" theory talked about last week. It's a relief to know you guys don't think I was nuts by thinking up some scrapped scene in my head lol

    Oh and yes Sarah and I have long discussions and rants in twitter's direct message on a daily basis. Poor Sarah, Idk how she puts up with my all over the place feelings about this show, amongst other things, but we started talking through Dawson's Speak dot com and it's been great because she's so freaking nice! Dawson's Speak: Bringing online buddies together since 2018.

    I enjoyed hearing Charles and Traci's top moments and episodes just because as someone who enjoys the show mostly for the character of Pacey and the relationship between Pacey and Joey, I like hearing about moments with other characters that I genuinely love too but who may take a back seat because my one track mind is on Pacey or Pacey and Joey. In my defense, my love for the show started at just age 7 due to Pacey and 7 yr old me developing my first celeb crush on Joshua Jackson as soon as I saw Pacey on screen so ya know, after 18 yrs, it's just hard to change focus lol (It's really not but I need a lame excuse) Anyway, great study hall and I look forward to you two covering my favorite season, s4...

    1. A few things- I spoke at length about s4 but I'm trying to keep this short but since next week is the Young Americans discussion, I'm gonna mention s4 episode 1 'Coming Home' here now.

      I love this episode and I have watched it several times but there are a few things that make me want to chew corn through a wired fence. In other words, it pisses me off and I want to throw a dry biscuit at Greg Berlanti's head because he wrote it.

      1. What the heck is up with having Joey apologize to Dawson about "having to do what she had to do" and go be with Pacey? Why is Dawson saying he's not sure he wants to repair their friendship when he's the one that talked about that forgiveness shit during his toast at the wedding and then unshackled her and told her to go! Joey unfortunately was prepared to give Pacey up to keep Dawson in her life until he "set her free" so then after she leaves due to his urging, he then feels hurt and not sure if he wants them to rekindle their friendship? Makes no sense. It's also pretty shitty to have this young woman continuously feel guilty because she fell in love and followed her heart all because it wasn't with the title character. Such bullshit. Now what's even more annoying is this brick crap Joey gave Dawson....

      Maybe someone else can explain this to me, and I hope someone can so I can stop side eyeing Greg Berlanti from afar every single time I see this part: Ok so Joey hands Dawson a brick and says it's from Hemingway's house in the keys. Did he have more than one house that I might be unaware of because the famous Hemingway house in the keys that I've read about is made from limestone. It's also a pretty secured museum so how the hell would Joey get a brick even if it was made from Brick? Plus the house is white! I just feel as with the message on Joey's mural, it's just lazy fact checking on the writer's part and I guess hoping the audience would be too young or not too smart to know that this is bullshit? Lmao Maybe I'm mistaken but aye yi yi Also, why did Joey feel the need to tell Dawson she hadn't slept with Pacey on the boat? Why did she feel he needed to know that? Did Dawson purchase her virginity in s2 and I missed it? Good grief, they continue to write them in such an unhealthy way and it never truly ends until the series finale. It's so gross

      3. I hate the way Jen, Jack and Andie act towards Pacey in this episode as if he's done something to them when the last time Pacey saw those three was when they attended his goodbye dinner so because Joey decides to take off with him, everyone is awkward towards him? Again, wtf?

      Anyway, I love Gretchen and her and Pacey's relationship as we get to see more of. I also love Pacey and Joey's fight. They have so much chemistry that even their fight had me entertained. Testament to just how well Joshua and Katie worked together. I could watch an hour of just them. Surprise, surprise lol Also that ending is just all kinds of super adorable but better with the original song in my opinion.

      So another season bites the dust, and 3 more to go. Thanks for doing these end of the season recaps. Last week I went and listened back to your seasons 1 and 2 study halls and I was cracking up especially while listening to s1 study hall. Charles' Pacey turn around was epic lmao Unfortunately s4 is the last season I enjoy as a whole so I will enjoy Dawson's Speak even more as I will probably not be on here that much during seasons 5 and 6 (You get a break from me Lmao) Speaking of, I didn't watch Young Americans so I'm unfamiliar with it but next week will be a blast to listen to for those who watched it and get to find out what Traci and Charles thought of it. Have fun guys. See ya in two weeks. So excited! lol

    2. I'll admit: my memory of Gretchen is a bit hazy, but did the fans generally like her? I think the only thing I side-eyed was her whole thing with Dawson...

    3. Not sure what the consensus is about Gretchen but s4 being my fav season (minus the hot mess towards the end of the season) I grew to love Gretchen. I think she was a great addition to the cast and I think she was good for Dawson. The romantic chemistry wasn't that strong and the age difference is awkward but as a whole, she was cool. I think she was a positive presence in Dawson's life I just wish she wasn't 21 lol

  2. Wow, it's unreal how much of season 3 I forgot happened in this season! I suppose the writers succeeded in making me forget about the mess that was Eve come the end of the season.

  3. This episode was a really good reminder of all the non-PJo stuff that happened this season! ;) I do want to say that I love watching their friendship develop, so that was fun to re-live (or re-listen to I guess). I'm usually so focused on PJo when watching that listening to this episode was like "oh there are other characters in this show!" :D

    I like that Charles had some sadder moments on his top 5 (not even the sad PJo moments but Jack and his dad), while those moments ripped my heart out, they were really well-acted and they added a lot to the story. Thanks for mentioning, Charles!

    I cannot wait for you to cover s4! It's a ball of angst towards the end, but it starts off really adorable. I am glad you told Charles what happened to [redacted]. Can't wait to hear his reaction to [redacted]. I did like Gretchen and her relationship with Pacey (Dawson not as much but I do think she was good for him).


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