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403 - Two Gentlemen of Capeside

TBH, we liked "THE STORM" better for a title, but "Two Gentlemen of Capeside" will do.

From Traci: "I guess if you want to make a Shakespeare reference, 'Two Gents' makes sense, but it's still a bit of a stretch. It's arguably the Bard's weakest play, but serves the purpose of being a sort of 'origin story' for a lot of his other work. Fun fact: there's zero record of this play ever being performed during Shakespeare's lifetime. I guess he realized pretty quickly how bad it was too."

This is a pretty good episode, and keeps the expectations high for Season 4. What a strange departure from how we began Season 3! The strength of 4x03 lies in the writers zeroing in on the relationships that need the most work and that need to be addressed in order for there to be real growth this season (Dawson/Pacey, Andie/herself, Jen/Grams). It also does the fantastic job of setting up what else is to come – who really is Drue Valentine? What's Mr. Brooks' deal?

From Charles: "A random observation: For what purpose were the Leerys sick this episode?? They’re all sniffly when Dawson leaves the house, but they seem fine by the end of the episode, and I don’t think it ever really plays into anything? If the writers were trying to show us that they were so in love they keep getting each other sick that’s.. gross (OK, maybe also cute in a weird way)."

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  1. As a first time watcher of the show i really appreciate Charles predictions. I'm enjoying predicting along with Charles although i'm two episodes ahead of you. Also thank you Traci for your Shakespeare lesson. Thanks for making the dairies canon.


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