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404 - Future Tense

Everyone is panicking over college application season, but no one is more worried for everyone else than Andie is. Good thing there's a fun party to keep everyone's minds off of it (kind of)!

From Traci: "We kind of talked about this in recording, but I didn't get to say that the night before I took the SATs, I told my parents I was studying but I was really watching The Perfect Score. I mean... I got into college and graduated, so let's not talk about those poor test scores."

It's nice to see a show set during high school getting us back into high school storylines – although bummer for Jack that his football season may have come to a quick end. Maybe he can get back into art...?

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  1. I have to give it up to the writers on this one. The obscure mention of my hometown by Joey Potter when going through her college mail was pretty cool. "Valparaiso...that's like in Brazil or something!"

  2. Ok I'm listening to this one right now and I have to say that compared to drunk Jen, drunk Joey is hilarious and fantastic


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