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405 - A Family Way

This week was a pretty heavy episode and felt like a sudden shift in tone and direction for the season. We're not saying it was all bad – there's actually a fair amount we did enjoy! But we would've preferred a more gradual lead into it... As Charles noted, this episode was like...getting hit in the face with a bag of molasses...?

From Charles: "Re: Getting hit in the face with a bag molasses. I think it’s a fitting metaphor for this episode! This seriousness comes out of nowhere, kind of like being slapped in the face. Everything is heavy and thick! Like.. molasses."

From Traci: "I think the 'molasses' metaphor Charles was trying to make was that watching this episode felt like trudging through a vat of molasses or something. It just felt very heavy and like...a lot. I don't know, is molasses even stored in bags? The imagery that came to my head was one of those burlap sacks used to take money out of Scrooge McDuck's vault filled with goopy molasses. This has nothing to do with Dawson's Creek, I know."

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