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406 - Great Xpectations

This wasn't really a Very Special Episode, but it might as well have been a Very Special Episode. Basically, there's a rave and things go very, very bad.

From Charles: “Do we ever see a good party in this show? That season one beach party ends with Pacey punching someone hitting on drunk Joey. Dawson’s birthday party in season two ends up with him way too drunk. Chris Wolfe’s parties are a mess. Season three is full of strippers, and now Andie’s going to the hospital? #DawsonsCreekTaughtMe never party.”

There's certainly a lot of conflicts that pop up in this episode, and they won't be disappearing anytime soon. We guess the question now is: what will happen to Andie, and who will really be held responsible? One thing's for sure is that this puts Jen back in that challenging spot she seems find herself in a lot: part of the group, but never really part of the group.

From Traci: "To me, Jen Lindley is one of the most relatable characters on this show. Not because she's the girl you aspire to be – I don't really think it's a common experience to watch Dawson's Creek and want to be Jen. She goes through so much, and has a really rough life full of ups and downs, so it's not like I'm sitting here wanting all of that. But she's relatable to me because Jen represents the girl who isn't perfect, but who aspires to be better. Even when she slips up, even when she's not at her best, there's that part of her that always knows she wants better (and that she deserves better), and I think that's what makes her relatable."

ALSO! Edit: We say in the episode (or was it the last one?) we've never seen Andie drunk. That is wrong. We'll slap ourselves on the wrist in next week's episode.

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  1. Not much to say but only about Joey & Pacey. I enjoy the relationship between them this season. Even if they're only shown in bits & pieces I've enjoyed all of their scenes so far. That might change later but all six episodes have left me pleasantly surprised. Even when they're fighting or not doing much in an episode I think the writers have shown how committed they are to each other. I feel when Dawson & Joey dated Joey was very quick to end things. They didn't really work through their conflicts in a way that showed Joey really wanted it to work out between her & Dawson. Pacey & Andie started off an even level but I started to look at them like Pacey was Andie's caretaker while Andie almost came off like a child that he wanted to protect & watch over. While I understand they are still kids & he was a great boyfriend for her before she cheated but I can't explain what I am trying to express so I should stop before I offend someone. I just see Pacey & Joey as two people very committed to one another no matter the other's imperfections while in their other relationships, I feel as soon as their significant others showed that they were flawed or not perfect, then Pacey & Joey bailed. That might seem like an unfair assessment but that's how I saw it. Together Joey & Pacey are strong so I love that about them. They get on each other's nerves at times but they're still very much in love & forgiving when the other does frustrating things. They're more realistic too. I love the little real life bf/gf touches the actors have been doing like in this ep when Pacey, Joey & Gretchen are talking in the house and Pacey is drinking something, he sits down at the table with Joey then when Gretchen introduces Dawson to them you can see Joey putting down Pacey's drink like she just took a sip from it. I do that all the time! Their little chat outside the rave was sweet, the hand holding in the car, tickling in the previous episode before this one, the forehead kisses, the shoulder kisses goodness I just think they're adorable. I don't want to see them break up but I know they have to eventually because that what teen shows do. I just hope they don't break up over Dawson. Hopefully the writers realised that relationship just didn't work at all on a romantic level although I could see them breaking up if Joey becomes obsessed with wanting her & Dawson to be bffs again. Wow I had a lot to say!

    1. Pacey/Joey has definitely felt like the more realistic couple and relationship progression of the show so far!

  2. I actually liked Dawson this season - I didn’t like him before, and I can’t remember how much of this character development they kept in the next two season, so I can’t remkber if I liked him after this season.

    Anyway. I wish we would have gotten to see more of this summer - for the PJo stuff of course, but also for Dawson, Jack, Jen, and Andie. I would have particularly liked to see what made Dawson change over the summer into a decent person!

    Also his (SPOILER ALERT!) relationship with Gretchen is a little weird because they’re on two totally different paths, but she’s really good for him - and Gretchen as a character is pretty awesome overall.

    Can’t wait to keep listening!

    1. Yeah! It would've been good to see how Dawson, Jack, Jen, and Andie grew with each other and all the fun they had. This show needs to give them more teenage fun!


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