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408 - The Unusual Suspects

First thing's first: Here are four links to learn more about donating to Hurricane Florence relief.

The first is to Google’s matching donation page, which will match money donated up to $1 million. The money will be donated to the Red Cross.

The second is a long list of nonprofits handling Florence response, with charity ratings.

The final two are local charities in the Carolinas: a housing-related one, and a food bank-related one. 

Second: yes, we pretty much used the term "Googling" in this episode to mean general internet searching. We know it would've been more accurate to say "Ask Jeeves-ing" ha.

OK so this is a very stylized episode – the kind we've gotten used to seeing sprinkled throughout Dawson's Creek. (Think season 1 "Detention" and season 3 "Indian Summer"...) And, to be honest, this one is a fun one. We liked how it was laid out and how all three of the boys' stories still moved their characters and relationships forward.

It's a nice reset, but it's a shame to think about the reset being due to writing Andie off...

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