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410 - Self-Reliance

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RIP us loving Joey Potter. Sigh.

From Charles: "I still can’t get over the fact that Mr. Kasdan let Joey retake her test! AP classes are normally averaged one point higher on the GPA scale, so it probably would not have hurt Joey that much, and as I’ve said on pod before, I believe in lessons through consequences. A lower grade probably wouldn’t have been a big deal anyway: They way college applications worked for me was you applied in the fall semester of your senior year, and the school makes a decision based on that information. As long as you didn’t fail any classes in the spring, you were fine. Though maybe Joey needs her rank for scholarships? I hope she learned her lesson."

From Traci: "I keep forgetting this fact, but when we first met Joey in season 1, she was in love with Dawson. Like, so much so that it kept her from being nice to Jen for nearly 2 and a half seasons! I feel like it's easy to forget it because the Dawson/Joey/Pacey triangle and Dawson's possessiveness kind of took over in season 3, but that makes sense then why Joey was so flustered over seeing Dawson and Gretchen kiss. I think a part of her deep down still loves him like a 15 year old.

And this continues to be the most aggravating thing: why can't we have well-rounded, strong female characters on this show who aren't just seen as ruining men?"

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  1. By my estimate you have 59 more episodes so 59 more weeks which puts you at ending the podcast by first week of December 2019. I'm not a fan of Tobey he kinda makes me feel like there is only one way to be gay, his way. Tobey tries to push his experiences on Jack, which isn't fair to jack. I'm also glad that you mentioned Rizzoli & Isles because i love it and i'm currently doing a rewatch of it.

  2. The scene where Dawson gives Joey the picture of her and Pacey is one of my favorites in the series - it's a cute photo, obviously, but it also signifies Dawson accepting Pacey and Joey's relationship. (Personally that should have hapened much sooner, but whatever.)

    That picture may have been my phone's lockscreen for months.... :D

    I wonder what you'll think of everyone in the last couple seasons....

  3. I am a Joey stan. She can mess up and have stupid arguments until the cows come home and I'm still a fan of her and I believe in her.

    With that being said, I think the whole comparing Pacey to Dawson thing wasn't said in fact. She was speaking from a place of frustration of the situation. She wasn't getting the "study time" that she needed and she lashed out at Pacey cause she could and she knew somewhere in the back of her mind that Pacey will *still* be there the next day. She wanted to throw Pacey out and get him angry like how she felt so she hit him where it hurt, comparing him to Dawson.

    Petty? Yes
    Immature? 100%


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