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411 - The Tao of Dawson

It's 2001 and Dawson just keeps growing and maturing and also NOW SAVING YOU MONEY! Yes, you can use the code DAWSON this week (Oct. 15-22) at our store for 25% off your purchase!

OK but seriously: back to the episode at hand... Dawson tells Pacey he has feelings for Gretchen, who's going back to college to get her car and close the door on her past with Nick. Also, there was a C storyline about Joey and Drue that we didn't really care for.

From Charles: "I'm glad we got such a Gretchen episode this week! I love her, but the show hadn't given her much character time, and I was worried she was going to end up full Manic Pixie Dream Girl (though, I guess she's not really manic or a pixie). I hear we get even MORE Witter family matters soon? Can't wait."

From Traci: "I would watch a full spin-off series about Gretchen in a heartbeat. She's such a compelling protagonist and I loved seeing her realize why she needed to say goodbye to Nick for good. It was similar to watching Dawson's journey this episode so sure of his perspective and course of action, and then learning/growing through conversations with older, more mature people like Grams and Brooks."

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  1. Charles: I double down on the Chris Kane love. Loved him in the episode. I knew him from a 1999 gay indie film - Broken Hearts Club, directed by (wait for it) Greg Berlanti (Kerr Smith was in it too, as a fireman Dean Cain successfully hits on during a softball game.)
    But this ep was great for being anti-White Knight -- The three women just handled it and didn't need saving. So I am going to argue that there was a theme to the ep.


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