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413 - Hopeless

We'll be honest with you: we didn't really like this episode. Except for a few touching and funny moments, it felt almost filler-y – and we say this being huge fans of Dawson/Gretchen! But there was just something missing from this storyline, we think...

From Traci: "To be honest, I don't know what exactly could've been done to make this episode more compelling. Maybe set the Dawson/Gretchen/friends outing in a different time and place? I know the writers wanted to work in that tension of Dawson not being 21 by setting it at a club, but it feels like it could've been stronger if we got more of an arc or story with Kira and Jessica in Capeside. As is, I just didn't get much out of them being there."

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  1. I am team Dawson all the way but never got into Dawson/Gretchen. I always felt it was his revenge for Pacey getting with Joey. I am glad he moved on (ostensibly) though and had a healthy relationship for once. She seemed to genuinely like him.


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