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415 - Four Stories

We're coming off of a very long news week, and Dawson's Creek is always a nice reprieve from "the real world" – so don't mistake our exasperation with the show writers as being annoyance. We still love it! We're just also anxious!

From Traci: "It has gotten a little more difficult to talk about the episode and the arc of the season when I know what's coming and Charles doesn't, but I'm also starting to realize there's quite a bit of the little details I've forgotten. So if I misspeak or if I say something that seems misleading to Charles, it's most likely not intentional! I just forgot!"

So we're generally curious: do people like the format of "Four Stories"? There are definite pros and cons to it, as we discuss on the podcast, but overall we're not too mad at it. We still lose some of the other characters in the same way, which could be bad (i.e. Jack) or good (i.e. Drue).

From Charles: "Listen — I’ve gone on the record of not loving Drue, but is anyone else wondering what he’s up to? At the beginning of the trip, he grabs the keys and (presumably) rooms with Anna. But by the end of last episode, he disappears and she was trying to have sex with Pacey? And then at the beginning of this episode Drue’s back and hungover (or at least, he was up very late)?? Must have been some weekend."

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  1. "We're coming off of a very long news week, and Dawson's Creek is always a nice reprieve from "the real world""

    could not agree more. dawson's creek, and this podcast, help me block out the real world, and i am eternally grateful for that. <3


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