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416 - Mind Games

How do you solve a problem like unresolved tension between Dawson/Joey/Pacey/Gretchen? We still don't know because they continue to...not communicate. Well! Gretchen tries and then it just all kind of backfires at her...

From Traci: "It really irks me that Dawson sees Joey losing her virginity as 'the final nail in the coffin' of his and Joey's relationship. I know we should be all, 'Never say never!' and you never know if things will work out someday, but Dawson's in a relationship! Joey's in a relationship! The idea of the two of them being in a relationship together shouldn't even be on the table! It's so unfair to the Witters."

From Charles: "I have had a history of liking bad men on this show, so take this with a grain of salt, but part of me hopes we saw Gretchen effect change on Dawson this episode? Earlier on, when she drinks his coffee, she complains that there’s never enough 'coffee in his coffee' (I assume it’s super sweet). By the end of the episode, he’s drinking black coffee in the year book room. Maybe he took notice, and he’s trying to.. impress Gretchen?"

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Happy Thanksgiving (for those celebrating)! We're thankful for all of you, and we'll see/talk to you in 2 weeks!

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