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418 - Eastern Standard Time

Happy Senior Ditch Day! We didn't experience Senior Ditch Day when we were in high school – does it really get this dramatic??

Oh, and someone tell us: did Jen ever talk about Annie (the downstairs neighbor) before?? Charles is convinced this was part of Jen's storyline in the past, but Traci has no recollection of it. It would've been cool if the writers had been playing a long game with Jen's story, but seeing as how there were so many ups and downs between seasons 2 and 3, that might not be the case...

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  1. I don't recall anything about Jen's downstairs neighbour, but can't be sure it didn't exist.

    Here's one big problem I had with this episode - the whole concept of Jen finding her dad sleeping with a 17yo, and going off the rails because of it, and her dad kicking her out in case she told anyone, etc... At what point did the writers decide that grown adults having sex with underage children was wrong? Because Pacey did it in season 1 (when he was FIFTEEN) and Joey almost sleeps with her much older professor in season 5 (not that she's underage but it's so wrong) and Pacey almost sleeps with his much older boss in season 5 (also wrong) - this is a show that fetishises relationships with older partners, even with underage kids, so it seems weird that they suddenly come down hard on the side of THIS IS TERRIBLY WRONG (but only in this one instance).

    Poor Jen - it seems like whenever the writers needed a storyline for her, they just trotted out some more tragedy to heap onto her life. She definitely deserved better.


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