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420 - Promicide

We have a lot to say this week, beginning with: prom on a boat is a bad idea!!

From Charles: "I’m going to leave all the serious stuff for the pod and go back to one of my most regular criticisms of this show: Why is the boy’s formal wear always so dour?? It’s prom, and they’re all wearing all black. No date matching at all! And Dawson’s clothes don’t even fit well. He looks like a chocolate bar."

So generally every school dance we've seen on Dawson's Creek hasn't gone well, but at least Jack and Tobey got a happy ending this time. What do you all think about the explosion of emotions all over senior prom? Did the Pacey stuff happen to abruptly? Do you wish we could've seen more of Jen dealing with the aftermath of New York? Do we deserve more development on the Jack/Tobey front?

Also, if anyone has a link to the original clip of Jack and Tobey's kiss with Dido's "Take My Hand," let us know!

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