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423 - Coda

After last week's episode, this felt like a bit of a swerve, although saying goodbye to your friends is a pretty big part of leaving home...

That being said, we have a confession to make:

From Charles: "A preview for the study hall next week: Season 4 has been the best season."

From Traci: "While editing, I think we were a little harder on this episode than we really felt about it – at least for me. Like I said, I think Dawson's Creek does a really good job of capturing the feeling of what it's like to be a teenager, and they do this big goodbye stuff well, even though the pacing continues to feel a little off to me. Also, I didn't say this in the episode but...I'm glad the writers didn't take this in the direction of season 1 and just have Dawson stay behind in Capeside for Joey (or for anyone else, really). He's right: it's time to move forward and the USC summer program will be a great opportunity!"

Also... we're bringing back #WhatPaceyWore! And what a look to bring it back for... Thoughts on this masterpiece?

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  1. Worst episode of the season imo. Almost a complete disregard for the whole season. Pacey was Joey's most significant and serious relationship up to this point and to just act like that didn't matter is a slap in the face to us Poey fans who have been invested since season three. The fact they kept pushing this Dawson and Joey relationship romantically is why season four was my last as a whole. I watched the end of season six but that's it so I still have no idea what went on during season five and beginning of six and I don't regret it. How do you just ignore a romantic relationship that was so important for a season and a half? I did read that this was written with the writers strike in mind (or some kind of strike going on at the time) and they weren't sure if they were going to come back so the episode was written in case that was the final episode but still no excuse to act like Pacey and Joey didn't matter. Especially since they were a ratings draw.

    1. Agreed with everything you wrote!

      If I remember correctly, and granted I only half paid attention to seasons 5-6 for the most part, they mostly ignore PJo ever happening, and I’d be shocked if Gretchen is ever mentioned again, even by Pacey.

      Part of the reason I only half watched was because they kept trying to make Dawson and Joey happen, and like. No.

  2. Also agree with all of this! Complete disregard for Pacey and Joey's whole relationship - as if it was a 3 week fling. Eurgh. Stop trying to make Dawson and Joey happen. RIP the best years of Dawson's Creek as well, from here on out it's the Joey show. Sigh.

  3. This kinda reminds me of the 'How I met your mother' series finale, don't know whether you guys have seen/heard about it: with the writers completely disregarding Barney and Robin's relationship even though they had spent the ENTIRE SEASON 9 about their wedding. Anyway, not important, the best parts of Dawson's Creek was the PJo relationship and character development, as well as Dawson "seeming" to finally be over Joey only to have the writers push them back into our faces at the end of the season. UGHHHH. I think it had to do with Greg Berlanti leaving at the end of season 4 and he seemed to be a big PJo shipper and the rest of the writers probably didn't know what to do.

    I too disregarded the entire 5th season, watched the KMart ep in season 6 and the finale. I can understand it's a teen show but it's like the writers just could not give it's audience a break and just give us what we wanted.

    I love this show and it's characters but the stupid plots that go nowhere give me a bloody headache.


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