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501 - The Bostonians

Welcome to the college years! From what we can gather from all of you, the college years aren't your favorite, but there are some standout moments to be had. And a lot of new characters to meet! Audrey, Professor Wilder, Charlie, the Sigma frat bros, Todd Car, etc...

Also, we know we've sucked at responding to comments on this website. Life has kind of gotten away from us (I'm sure it'll all be explained later!), but we will discuss comments we get on our posts! We may just be a week or two late.

From Traci: "I'll be honest: I don't remember seasons 5 and 6 in detail that well, so a lot of these episodes may be a surprise to me too as we watch them!"

From Charles: "Like I mentioned in the podcast, this was possibly my first-ever episode watching with the originally music, and boy, did it make a difference. Everything just felt like it made sense and moved quicker? Honestly, my rankings for the last few seasons may have been higher with the original score."

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  1. I'm neither a PJer nor a DJer (if anything, I would ship Joey and Anderson, because 37-foot sloop-rigged Dickerson ), but come on!, Pacey ended it pretty totally at the prom. He dumped her HARD, and was pretty nasty about it -- he really didn't leave any room for a future. If Joey was still hung up on Pacey after that, she really needs a shrink.

    In re dorm room -- they filmed a couple of movies at the dorm where I used to work. Just to be able to move the cameras they had to build dorm room sets that were 4x the size of the actual rooms. [side note from that job - Audrey is totally believable as LA girl going to school back east.]

    And Jack's noticing and talking about on how really good looking frat-bro was a major step forward. Also, frat-bro is smoking hot -- so it's totally believable that Jack would go to the frat party. Jack wins the ep!

    1. I have to respectfully disagree re: the prom (and I am a die hard PJer so my judgement is prob clouded somewhat!) - Pacey apologised profusely for his outburst and Joey/Pacey finished Season 4 amicably, knowing they could not have an immediate future because of college but that they still hugely loved and cared for each other. People make mistakes and his anger had clearly been building for a while and was unfortunately released at an inappropriate time. People aren't as black and white as 'someone shouted at me pubicly therefore all feelings are now switched off', so I think it would be totally normal for Joey to be 'hung up' on Pacey post Promicide.

      What is ridiculous however, as mentioned by Traci and Charles in the podcast, is that Joey and Dawson suddenly have some weird frisson going on which had 0 build up and came out of absolutely nowhere because someone on the DC writing team is obsessed with making them happen romantically and can't possibly have them just be close friends who had a bit of a fling when they were teenagers. Le sigh.

    2. I was going to respond to the first comment but then I read your comment and you said everything I was going to say so thank you for accidentally saving me time of responding to him. I've seen his comments before and he's made it clear he has something against Pacey. About the DJ romance revisit, it came out of nowhere and was not very believable nor did Katie Holmes and James Van Der Beek have good romantic chemistry as that horrid scene in s6 showed us (no spoilers for Charles) They came off as siblings to me and I cannot for the life of me understand why that writing team was determined to make them happen because the original team Doey? Jawson? shipper Kevin Williamson had been gone for a while at that point. They saw how much chemistry Katie and Joshua had and how popular Pacey and Joey were with most viewers, why not just revolve the "will they or won't they reunite" around them instead? Why act like they never happened during s5? It's all so strange to me.

    3. Nope -- I have nothing against Pacey (and I am a HUGE JJax fan, I'll watch something just because he's in it) -- it's just that as you see the writers throwing Joey and Dawson together, I see them as constantly throwing Pacey and Joey together (probably for the reasons you mention, which I find to be really bad reasons). Confession: all shipping just bores me -- tell me an interesting story, instead.

    4. I think the point of teen dramas is all the about the shipping. Teen dramas are never going to be 100 based in realty and along with that comes shipping. Although the idea of shipping relative new last 25 or so years it's a big part of tv viewing. The idea that you really want to see two people end up together. It's totally up to you to be bored by the shipping but it makes shows so much more interesting in my mind.

    5. Hmm. Probably it's because we queer folks so rarely got ships we could really identify with (or root for), so it's not something I watch TV for.

  2. Also, Charles saying pre social media, he would have assumed Pacey was dead really tickled me! Haha

  3. You mention the original music a few times in season 5. How did you get access to these versions? Is this something you can share with us?


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