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502 - The Lost Weekend

"These first two episodes have been great. I have no reason to believe anything turns south." -Charles Lam (2019)

We're two episodes in and still not totally into how the writers are re-introducing the Dawson-and-Joey-are-still-in-love storyline. We know they're trying to get straight into getting everyone back together in one location, but at least give us a chance to get back on board with it after a whole season and a half of building the USS Poey!

Either's fun seeing Dawson in Boston mainly because it's fun seeing Audrey learn more about Joey's world.

From Traci: "#DawsonsCreekTaughtMe to always double-check the forms your professors may sign for you."

From Charles: "I just want to add: I’m really excited to get to know Chef Danny a little bit better, as he feels (at least in part) modeled after Anthony Bourdain. In the first scene we see Danny, he tells the waitstaff to push the fish despite it being a Monday. Bourdain first wrote for the New Yorker in 1999, telling people that fish on a Monday has been around since at least Friday among other things. That story would lead to his deal for Kitchen Confidential (published in 2000). The rest is, well, the rest."

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  1. Fair enough on the discussion about your rankings. Like I mentioned, you both are entitled to rank the characters however you like as it's your opinions but it did confuse me after Charles ranked Pacey 6th, he said he was very disappointed in Pacey and I didn't know if he was saying that based on those few episodes where Pacey was a bit of an ass (Four Stories, Promicide) but Pacey sincerely apologized for his behavior at the Prom so that was what confused me about Charles' ranking.

    Nothing nice to say about this episode so I'll jump ahead...

    As for Capeside Revisited, I actually kind of like that episode. Mainly Pacey and Joey's reunion. Their chemistry and the actors natural ease together makes them so enjoyable for me to watch. I often wonder when Joey and Pacey have this exchange Pacey: "We dated once right?" Joey: "Yeah we did didn't we?" if it was Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes giving a wink and a nod about their own real life dating history since they both have admitted to being each other's first loves but remained the best of friends after their break up off camera during the course of the show. I loved that entire scene and it just reminds me of what's lacking in Dawson and Joey scenes whenever the writers insist that those two are destined to be lovers. It's just a big fat no for me.

    The Mitch and Dawson stuff is very touching and sad as it became clear to me the first time I watched it that something bad was about to happen to Mitch. Hate the fact that John Wesley Shipp felt he needed to move on because the parents weren't going be shown as much since  the core five were off at college but honestly, what did he expect? It was a show geared towards teens and young adults. I think he could've done other things and popped up as needed on Dawson's Creek but he did what he needed to do I guess?

    One last thing, I'm really not a fan of Chad Michael Murray and I hate that TPTB traded in Mark Matkevich (Drue Valentine) for Chad because Drue mentioned going to Boston as well so I was looking forward to seeing something develop between Jen and Drue. Disappointed they didn't bring him back. Also notable is that Busy Phillips (Audrey) and Chad did not get along or should I say Busy said she didn't like him. No idea how he felt about her. Lol

    1. I couldn't agree more about Pacey and Joey and their natural chemistry. More ease and cuteness in that 5 minute scene that all of Dawson and Joey's boring conversations in the past 2 episodes.


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