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503 - Capeside Revisited

Previously on Dawson's Speak, Charles was enjoying season 5.

And then... #DawsonsCreekTaughtMe to not pick up dropped ice cream while driving.

From Traci: "I'm still really upset at how this happened. Maybe it was just a funny thing the writers and John Wesley Shipp agreed on, but for fans of the Leerys, this really sucks."

From Charles: "All the Mitch stuff aside, there was no way they were using a real truffle in the show, right? That thing was the size of a fist (I feel like it was maybe a rutabaga). I know white truffles can get that big, but I can’t imagine they’re getting sold to TV shows."

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  1. So I don't actually hate the way Mitch dies as much as everyone else. I think it was supposed to show that he is still a 'fun' person after all of the drama from the rest of the episode. That sounds kind of weird, but it's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

    In other news, the Pacey and Joey scene was lovely, and their chemistry is about a million times hotter even when friends than Dawson and Joey's damp squib of a relationship (romantically, they are nice as just friends).

    Also, when Mitch said Dawson had gone through the kind of adversity that made most kids run away and by hell or highwater he got there (paraphrasing) - did anyone else rack their brains to work out what all this 'adversity' was meant to be?! Hasn't he just gone through things most kids his age would (parents divorce, relationship breakup, and older person in their life passing away)?

    1. We hadn't thought of Mitch's death that way, but it makes sense. We talk about this a little more on next week's episode, but as frustrated as we were during 5x03, we've had a slight change of heart.

      Also, yeah - Dawson and Joey should just try to focus on their friendship right now! :(

    2. Just caught up with this episode, and 100% agree with Faye on all accounts - except I think Mitch's death was stupid and I don't know why he had to be going for icecream.... The only thing I can think of for that is that they wanted him to take his eyes off the road, so they thought he should drop something, and if he just dropped a chip or something basic then why would he try to pick it up, so they picked something that was going to make more of a mess if it was left there for a while...but who picks up icecream with their hands? It was dumb.

      Agree re: Joey/Pacey though, and I think that's part of the reason that the writers actually gave them very few scenes together throughout season 5 (where it was just the two of them). 5.03 has this scene on the boat (my fave scene in all of season 5), 5.10 has them walking home together (feat. the hug at the end that was apparently not in the script but Josh added it in and the director kept it), and 5.11 has the conversation while Pacey is playing pool with Audrey and talking about 'Other Joey' (we all miss Other/Old Joey, she's almost as much fun as Drunk Joey) - all scenes that absolutely sizzle onscreen IMO. I'm a die hard P/J shipper so those are literally the only parts of season 5 that I ever rewatch.

      And YES, Mitch telling Dawson that he'd been through adversity had me scratching my head too. Literally ALL of Dawson's friends have been through more adversity than he has. Pacey's dad berates him and beats him up, his mother is useless; Joey's mum is dead and her dad is in prison; Jack's brother died, his mother went crazy, his dad left, and his sister went crazy AND left; Jen's parents have utterly failed her, she was raped at 12 years old (statutorily at least), and had to leave all of her friends and move to the middle of nowhere with new friends who treat her like crap more often than not (except Jack); and Dawson has...not always been able to date the girl of his dreams? Had a couple of people tell him that he lacks talent? That's literally it? It MAKES. NO. SENSE.

  2. I completely get your frustrations with this episode Charles! The way Mitch died was stupid. And Tracey, I love your idea of having Dawson come home because of Mitch's death and use that as an excuse to stay. Which he does anyway, so why it had to be about Joey in the first instance is inexplicable to me.

    Karen is The. Worst. She is so incredibly rude and hostile, why Pacey is remotely interested in her is utterly beyond me. And she manages to have zero chemistry with Josh Jackson, which is a feat in and of itself. Pacey is described as a "slacker" but he really isn't, we know he can work hard and he's dedicated. Also, if I had to peel potatoes or chop carrots for hours, I'd rather be working alongside someone fun and chatty like Pacey than a sour puss like Karen, so maybe she should check her attitude. That said, Pacey being promoted so quickly to cooking truffles was super unrealistic and dumb.


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