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504 - The Long Goodbye

Death hits Capeside again – this time, it's our beloved Mitch we have to say goodbye to... How do you all think they handled this hour-long tribute? We really liked it (spoiler alert) and as frustrated as we were with how it happened, we don't think you could've asked for a better way to send off such an important character – and actor – to the show.

From Traci: "Jen says at one point, while she's worrying to Jack about what to say to Dawson, that she's not really had this sort of experience with death happening so suddenly. But what about Abby Morgan? Obviously the two had their ups and downs, but Abby's death really hit Jen so hard. Not only was she present for it (and tried to save her), but it really shook her up to lose someone she did see as a friend and ally."

From Charles: "There’s really not much for me to say that we didn’t cover in the episode, so you all should listen to that in full, but I will make one observation: Was Jack just wearing a v-neck at the funeral???

Also, speaking of Jack. I think the difference between Mitch’s goodbye and the entire McPhee family disappearing is.. a little sad? We mentioned losing characters in the episode, and I don’t really have anything particularly smart to say about it here, but the McPhees are some of my favorites and I would’ve liked to say goodbye to them too..."

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And another note: no new episode next week. See you in 2 weeks!

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  1. Me again! Thanks for reading out my comments on the pod, it makes me happy when I'm listening on the bus :)

    Totally agree with Charles re: the Pacey/Joey conversation and how Pacey was 'fine' with it. I think Joey gets so upset because she partly blames herself for Dawson dropping out of USC and wants reassurance from Dawson that she is off the hook but, for obvious reasons, he doesn't/can't give her that so she feels guilty, and sad.

    Side note: Where was Aunt Gwen at the funeral?!?
    Side note two: What psychopath is voting for Dawson as the winner of the episode?!?

  2. Laughing at Faye's comments above - one small mercy of this episode is that Aunt Gwen didn't return to bestow more terrible art and even more terrible relationship advice on Dawson!

    I didn’t find Joey’s grief too unbelievable. Joey has lost a parent herself, and feels like she understands what Dawson is going through more than anyone else does, and that she SHOULD be able to help him more than anyone else can. That she owes him an emotional support debt that he won’t accept. As you say, we all grieve differently, but she can’t get through to him, and it’s tearing her up inside to not be able to repay him. She’s desperately trying not to take that out on him or resent him for it, which is why she holds it together until she gets back to her dorm. It does irritate me that her entire grieving process is so wrapped up in Dawson though, like she's more upset about him being upset at her than she is about Mitch dying. Remember Joey was supposedly like a daughter to Gail (although we never really saw that) and she was even the maid of honour at Mitch & Gail's re-wedding...

    As for the conversation between her and Pacey on the porch, I have no idea how Josh Jackson got through any of that dialogue with a straight face. Firstly talking about wanting to die in a hilarious way, which Mitch actually did, and then the “you two really never got your shot" line, which is complete bull, IMO. Dawson and Joey had plenty of shots. The only thing that has ever come between them has been their own emotions (and Pacey, but that is just another reason that he should not be having this conversation.) I simply cannot believe that Pacey would ever actually want Joey to be with Dawson, given the creepy possessive way Dawson has treated her in the past. Although the Romeo and Juliet reference might be a subtle way of him assuming their love is doomed ;)

    It also drives me CRAZY that Mitch was hit by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel and crossed lanes and hit him. Which means it wasn’t his fault, and therefore he didn’t even have to have dropped the ice cream - he could’ve just been driving around the corner and the guy hits him.

    I also hated the convenience store scene which gave Dawson a catharsis that felt unrealistic and unnecessary to me. If Dawson and Mitch had literally finished on a shouting match then maybe, but to me it was yet another example of Dawson being told everything he needs to hear and given everything he needs when he needs it, while still not really appreciating any of his privilege. (I can’t stand Dawson, can you tell? LOL.)

    Jennifer Morrison isn’t anything close to what Joey was to Pacey, and it really bugs me (and a lot of other P/J shippers) the way that their relationship is treated in this season. It was so huge, and then it’s like they toss it out like “it’s over, moving on” and go right back to the Dawson/Joey relationship that I thought everyone had got over years ago. It drives me crazy.


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