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504 - The Long Goodbye

Death hits Capeside again – this time, it's our beloved Mitch we have to say goodbye to... How do you all think they handled this hour-long tribute? We really liked it (spoiler alert) and as frustrated as we were with how it happened, we don't think you could've asked for a better way to send off such an important character – and actor – to the show.

From Traci: "Jen says at one point, while she's worrying to Jack about what to say to Dawson, that she's not really had this sort of experience with death happening so suddenly. But what about Abby Morgan? Obviously the two had their ups and downs, but Abby's death really hit Jen so hard. Not only was she present for it (and tried to save her), but it really shook her up to lose someone she did see as a friend and ally."

From Charles: "There’s really not much for me to say that we didn’t cover in the episode, so you all should listen to that in full, but I will make one observation: Was Jack just wearing a v-neck at the funeral???

Also, speaking of Jack. I think the difference between Mitch’s goodbye and the entire McPhee family disappearing is.. a little sad? We mentioned losing characters in the episode, and I don’t really have anything particularly smart to say about it here, but the McPhees are some of my favorites and I would’ve liked to say goodbye to them too..."

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And another note: no new episode next week. See you in 2 weeks!

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  1. Me again! Thanks for reading out my comments on the pod, it makes me happy when I'm listening on the bus :)

    Totally agree with Charles re: the Pacey/Joey conversation and how Pacey was 'fine' with it. I think Joey gets so upset because she partly blames herself for Dawson dropping out of USC and wants reassurance from Dawson that she is off the hook but, for obvious reasons, he doesn't/can't give her that so she feels guilty, and sad.

    Side note: Where was Aunt Gwen at the funeral?!?
    Side note two: What psychopath is voting for Dawson as the winner of the episode?!?


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