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507 - Text, Lies And Videotape

First: we have confirmed The Real World aired on MTV, so...don't @ us lol

Second: Chef Danny is such a jerk. Obviously, this is nowhere near the most important storyline of the episode, but it's one that pissed us off quite a bit.

Other than that... this episode was OK. Nothing major happened, but it wasn't boring. It's part of this "resetting" that the show tends to do from time to time after really dramatic/traumatic events – but unlike seeing Abby dying or Andie leave for Italy, the trauma is still a core part of the characters' lives (in this case, Mitch's death).

That having been said, there are still a lot of questions Charles needs answered. Listen to the pod for the rants ;)

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  1. I have to agree with Charles on Professor Wilder. As someone who works as a teaching assistant at a University, every time Dr. Wilder is on the screen talking to Joey I cringe.

    First of all, why did he ask Joey to be on this team? She's just a student in one of his classes (and I believe for a while there she was getting a C), and a young one at that. Giving her an opportunity he did not open up to all his students is extremely unfair and shows that he is giving her special treatment.

    Additionally, when he was helping her because she is the "underdog," this is also very awkward. Once again, it felt like he was giving her special treatment. He could have just as easily paired her up with Cassandra or someone and told them to work together to come up with new ideas if what he wanted was for his students to think harder on it and learn.

    Lastly, that scene when Joey is just at his house alone with him was extremely uncomfortable. Why are we at his house in the first place? Even if we are at his house for this (hopefully) school sanctioned event, why did only Joey stay to clean up? And like you both talked about, where is his family?

    I feel like Dawson's Creek is trying to tell me he is a good guy who is rooting for Joey to succeed but instead I just see a man abusing his power over a young girl who is having a hard time at college. Get me out of this storyline.

    Great podcast by the way! I'm watching Dawson's Creek for the first time and found your podcast recently and I love it. Thanks for doing an awesome job Traci and Charles!!

    1. Very true. I wonder how DIFFERENTLY this kind of story would be received in 2019. It's not OK to see a man in a position of authority get close to a student like that!!


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