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508 - Hotel New Hampshire

We've been meeting so many new characters this season – and here's another one! Oliver, what a little weirdo...but we kind of like him?? What do you all think?

As for this episode: it's nice to see Dawson talking about Mitch in a happy way and remembering him with such fondness. Grief is hard, and we appreciate seeing Dawson's journey through this whole ordeal. But with that being said... how does everyone feel about the Dawson/Jen situation we've found ourselves in?? We still think they're better friends than boyfriend/girlfriend, but their time in New Hampshire is sweet.

But because it's Dawson's Creek, we also know it's not going to stay drama-free for long...!

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  1. so i talked about this a little on twitter, but i really like dawson/jen together! i like them better as friends, ultimately, but i could get behind that ship.

    i know part of the reason is that i hate dawson/joey with a burning passion. (which is not a reason for me to love the pacey/joey ship, they're just so cute and make each other better people, if this makes sense.) i'm so glad that dawson and joey's first times having sex were not with each other.

    i wouldn't like dawson/jen if dawson were still who he was in s4, like without the character development - not that said character development excuses everything not-great he's ever done (see: my love for pjo) but i wouldn't ship dawson/jen in, like, s2-4.

    i also love how they're portraying grief. my dad died a few years ago (somewhat unexpectedly), and honestly, there really wasn't anything anyone could say to make it better. i just wanted my dad back, which obviously wasn't going to happen. i needed (and had) people in my life who would just give me a hug, like jen, or sit with me. i'll always want my dad here with us, and losing him will never not suck, but it sucks less than it did (almost) three years ago.

    also - four scary stories is honestly one of my favorite episodes. i have no idea why, as i don't really like scary stuff. but i can also see why they aired it out of order. (which i didn't know when i saw it for the first time.)

    1. We feel bad because we didn't like Four Scary Stories but please don't take our criticism of it as canon! LOL


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