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509 - Four Scary Stories

We're curious about what the spooky ending to Jen's story was supposed to be. Because that couldn't have been it, right??

From Charles: "I kind of feel like this was a waste of Grams. We haven’t seen her in a bit now, and she spends the entire episode telling a story she’s not in. This woman was a nurse during a war, I’m sure she has some scary stories!"

From Traci: "Sorry if we got our ghost mythology wrong."

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  1. *sigh* I mean, I GUESS I can see why people don't like this episode. and I def don't fault you for not liking it. :)

    I do really like the Pacey.Joey/Jack friendship though, as well as the PJo banter. and jack's comment about getting enough trash talk from his "common law wife" made me laugh.

    I agree with charles in that the realistic ones were scarier (sorry if I'm misremembering what he said). so. not that you asked, but my order of stories, from scariest to not are:

    -jack's. the things he dealt with (homophobia and the fear that he could have been tad had he lived in the 50s) is the most.... realistic?.... storyline. that's not the right word, but words are hard. I didn't even realize until you guys said something that tad might have been the guy who people say killed himself, so this storyline is now hella depressing. thanksssss for that!
    -joey's. I know she ultimately uses her kickboxing classes on that guy, but before that, when he's trying to attack her and she's running through the library, it's super creepy. plus I'm a librarian and a sucker for any storyline that takes place in a library. <3
    -pacey's. I'm not a huge action movie fan, which is why this is third. but the diner scene and the scene where they don't find anyone in the car is creepy.
    -jen's. hers was the least developed. and had an abrupt ending. like obviously she's fine. good to see grams, but I agree - I would have loved to hear her tell one of her own stories!


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