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511 - Something Wild

Joey gets straight A's! Joey sings! Joey kisses Charlie!

OK...we get why people feel like Season 5 became The Joey Show.

Also, couple questions for y'all: 1) Do we like Singing Joey? 2) Do we think Joey was sort of motivated to kiss Charlie because of unresolved feelings about the Dawson/Jen thing?

From Traci: "I don't think our girl Joey is being malicious in kissing Charlie. I think a lot of it was adrenaline-fueled. That being said, I feel like there's a part deep down inside of her that wanted to vent out her frustrations about the Dawson/Jen stuff (which I believe is bugging her!) and it just ended up manifesting in the form of this very unfortunate kiss."

From Charles: "Dawson’s Creek has mentioned the Worthington bursar MULTIPLE times now, and I just want everyone to know I didn’t know what a bursar was until Hamilton."

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  1. What bugs me about the singing is that, like you mentioned in the podcast, Audrey also sings yet no-one seems that bothered. I get that Joey is this highly strung person who has let loose but only Pacey and Audrey know this, the rest of the crowd don't. Where is Audrey's wild applause? #JusticeForAudrey

    Also, I never actually read Joey kissing Charlie as malicious towards Jen because of her whole schpiel to him when they first meet, but can see how you came to that possibility.

    The Gail not liking Jen thing is super out of character and comes from absolutely nowhere. They have always got on really well, as far as Gail knows Jen is a lovely woman and friend who has really been there for her son and there is 0 reason for her to be hostile or awkward around her. I never got the vibe that she was trying to push Joey and Dawson together at all, and if she does see Joey like a daughter then that's weird anyway.

    1. Gail’s hostility toward Jen is definitely out of character! Poor Jen.


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