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512 - Sleeping Arrangements

As you'll hear in the promo in the beginning of the show, "Cry" by Mandy Moore was very "in" as a backing track for early '00s soapy teen dramas. (Spoiler alert: the 5x13 promo uses "Cry" too!)

So what do you all think: was it too soon for Dawson and Jen to move into the same house together? On the one hand, it's not like it's just the two of them (Grams is there too!) so it's not like they're "moving in together" in the traditional sense of the term. But it still may be too soon given how new this relationship at this point in their lives is!

From Charles: "This episode officially breaks my Dawson’s Creek Extended Universe canon. In the scene in this episode between Dawson and Grams, where Dawson discusses his film school orientation, he mentions that he doesn’t know much about the French New Wave. In the fanfiction I wrote last year, I specifically mention that Mr. Gold was teaching Dawson about the French New Wave. Quelle tristesse."

From Traci:
 "I know we talked a little bit about Jen's makeup routine in the beginning of the episode – and I explained how using a toothbrush to separate eyelashes works – but at one point she takes, like...a Q-tip or something and licks it? And then uses it on her inner corner? I'm confused at what's happening there...

ALSO: at one point in this episode, Charles and I start up a mild argument about cake vs. bread and baking. That's because once-upon-a-time, Charles tried to argue that every week on The Great British Bake-Off is 'bread week' because every bake, including cake, is bread. Hmph."

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