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513 - Something Wilder

Charles' nightmare comes to life as Joey and Professor Wilder get a liiiiiittle too close for comfort. Also, Dawson starts college (again), Jen loses her edge, and Jack is on academic probation. Who knew it'd be up to Pacey to be the adult in the room?

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  1. Wow, I'm surprised at Charles, I was definitely on Blossom's side for most of Jack's story. Yes, his communication was kind of harsh, and the things he said at the restaurant were not ok, but everything else was valid. You can't flunk out of college and stay on good terms with your frat. It DOES reflect poorly on your house. Jack should care about that as much as anyone else! At my alma mater houses competed for top GPA. If your grades slipped, you got mandatory study hours. If it got to the point that you were on academic probation, you would have to go inactive. Why? Because you're there to go to school! AND because your low GPA harms your house. It's a retention problem for the university. It gives your house a bad reputation. It could even cost the chapter their place on campus. Blossom was harsh, but yeah, it's not ok to do something that reflects poorly on your house. I actually thought this episode, up until the fight at the end, was a positive representation of greek life--it showed that they did care about academics and promoting studying over partying.

    1. I agree with the great majority of what Blossom was saying! But his (and the rest of the chapter's) communication style could use some work; especially if Blossom is meant to be an upperclassman / board member.

      While I think the ideals Greek letter orgs aspire to are great and there are many good chapters out there, I do think the Greek system falls short as an aggregate. That feelings might be particularly bad because I was on the men's side: At my alma mater, only 2/22 fraternities are above the all-men's GPA while 6/23 sororities are above the all-women's.

      That said, you're right — I respect Blossom's for-the-good-of-the-house attitude and the depiction of Greek life up until the fight.



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