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Study Hall #11 - Ask Us Anything, Pt. 2

Thanks for submitting all of your questions! We're sorry if we couldn't get to yours this time around!!

Charles' official Dawson's Creek series finale predictions, as of 5/23/19:
  • The finale takes place approximately 10 years in the future 
  • The finale revolves around the wedding between Dawson and Joey in Capeside 
  • None of the other characters are in relationships with other characters we know of 
  • Dawson is a Hollywood producer 
  • Joey is a journalist 
  • Jen is a columnist 
  • Pacey is a chef 
  • Audrey is a TV personality 
  • Jack is a businessman 
  • Lily, Gail, Bessie, Bodie and Alexander are all members of the wedding party.
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  1. Okay I haven't finished listen to the episode (listening as we speak), and considering this was posted a month ago it will probably get lost in ether. but I *actually* have fairly fond memories of Season 6. Out of the two I actually Season 5 was the weaker one, I'm clearly in the minority here and was genuinely to surprised to hear the hate leveled towards the two seasons when I started listening to the pod.

    Maybe it's because I remember large parts of Season 6 has being more light hearted and that's what I liked which goes TOTALLY against the standard Dawson's Creek drama MO. I won't mention specific plot points for Charles' sake but there was only one plotline that took a turn that annoyed the crap out of me. In fact, one of my favourite episodes of the show takes place in Season 6. (and the episode before it isn't bad either) Shockingly both of these are right in the middle I think.

    Maybe I'll amend this opinion on rewatch but I still like it. For a while it and Season 4 were the only two dvd sets I owned of the series.

    Anyway, don't feel the need to hold back on your slamming of it on my account, I just felt the need to speak up to say it was one of my favourite ones was all.

    Love the podcast.

    Oh also, back when it first aired the Professor Wilder plotline didn't bother me at all. However rewatching as an adult I'm like "No, you know better than this Joey. This is unwise."

    Not sure if it's been mentioned but has Charles watched Friends? They did a similar plot in the later seasons with Ross dating Elizabeth in Season 6 and even had Bruce Willis show up as the disapproving father. Curious to know Charles' opinion on that.


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