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Study Hall #11 - Ask Us Anything, Pt. 2

Thanks for submitting all of your questions! We're sorry if we couldn't get to yours this time around!!

Charles' official Dawson's Creek series finale predictions, as of 5/23/19:
  • The finale takes place approximately 10 years in the future 
  • The finale revolves around the wedding between Dawson and Joey in Capeside 
  • None of the other characters are in relationships with other characters we know of 
  • Dawson is a Hollywood producer 
  • Joey is a journalist 
  • Jen is a columnist 
  • Pacey is a chef 
  • Audrey is a TV personality 
  • Jack is a businessman 
  • Lily, Gail, Bessie, Bodie and Alexander are all members of the wedding party.
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