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514 - Guerrilla Filmmaking

It's nice to see the group making a movie again, with Dawson in the director's chair. Even if the movie is...confusing. But at least Oliver takes direction (semi-)well and Audrey gets a chance to star in a film. We could do with less Charlie, but it is what it is.

We're curious: What do you all think about Joey "giving permission" to Audrey and Pacey?

Also, as mentioned at the top of this week's episode: there won't be a new episode next week! Sorry for any confusion!

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  1. I thought I hated Season 5, but up until this episode, I have surprised myself by liking it a lot. I forgot that this episode is where it all goes downhill and we get the Joey show from here on out. I can't put my finger on exactly what changes but it's almost as if she goes from being a real person with flaws, but an interesting, spirited personality, to a saint who can do no wrong but is a bit dead behind the eyes. It IS really weird that she reacts so calmly to Audrey and Pacey's relationship (which I hate btw, sorry Charles :|) and her and Professor Wilder make me want to dry heave. He is probably the character I most hate throughout the whole 6 seasons of Dawson's Creek.

    Can't wait to hear your reactions to the next episode!

    1. This is definitely the Joey Show from here on out :/


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