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515 - Downtown Crossing

Last week, we noted that "Downtown Crossing" was divisive, but we didn't hear from anyone defending the episode... please let us know if you did like it! We're genuinely curious! At this point, we're just so tired of Joey's storylines this season and want to get back into the soapiness of the rest of the gang.

That having been said... we still had to talk about this episode. This crazy, crazy episode.

From Traci: "I keep trying to find the reasons for this episode happening. I know we say a couple times in the podcast this week that we never hear about this storyline again, but I know that's not entirely true because Joey does acknowledge that she was mugged later in season 5... but it was like they started trying to do something here with how the trauma of what Mike Potter did to the family is still affecting Joey even in her college years... but then they didn't. I don't know. What happened here."

From Charles: "Another thought about this episode — it didn’t really do a good job of making Mr. Mugger sympathetic? They alluded to the tragic junkie angle, but also definitely made him more of a creep than he needed to be."

From Traci: "I think Charles had a lot more to say about the episode in these extra thoughts but he clearly was very tired after we filmed."

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  1. I pretty much agree with everything you said this episode. You're right it did have so much wasted potential. When the mugger asks for Joey in the hospital I rolled my eyes so much, also when Joey flat out lied to the little girl - surely she will learn the truth when she is older and it will basically ruin her life? I feel like Joey should know better as well, with a similar background and finding out lies about her dad!

    I think Traci also made a really good point when she touched on how these things keep happening to Joey e.g. singing in the band, getting mugged, kissing a teacher and yet there are basically no consequences. I think that sums up why her character becomes so unlikeable, because she doesn't have the ups and downs that make her a real, flawed person.

    1. We can't wait to build that time machine and tell 2017 Charles that there will come a day when he wishes for more Dawson storylines and less Joey!!!


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