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516 - In a Lonely Place

Who are we to say Joey isn't dealing with the trauma of her mugging in her own way? But the show certainly doesn't allow for any development of it as we're back to usual business with the rest of the gang...

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  1. Late to the party but just listening to this one now and 100% agree on the lack of closure between Pacey and Joey being so disappointing. That's a large part of why season 5 is so disappointing. Traci you are not alone in feeling this way! And Pacey's dismissive remarks about what happened to Joey and how he blithely insists that "she's fine" just really really rankles with me. It's SO against character. It's almost worse than the Promicide debacle, where I always felt that he acted super out of character when he breaks up with her, mostly in the way he does it - so angrily and so publicly. (The scene that follows where they sit at the table and talk is painful but watchable because at least it feels real.)

    But remember in season 3 when Andie called Joey during her date with that awful guy that Joey worked for, and Pacey stormed in there and punched the guy and looked after Andie? Or when Andie took ecstacy, and Pacey stayed at the hospital all night to make sure she was okay? It makes NO sense that he wouldn't act that same way again when something happened to Joey. Oh, for the writers to have used Joey's mugging as a reason/way to get Poey back together again... *sigh* #missedopportunities


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