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517 - Highway to Hell

Welcome, again, to The Joey Show.

OK. It's not like we hate Joey. We're just frustrated! Yes, she deserves to have A storylines and lots of character development and growth, but so do the other characters (particularly the guy this show is named after).

From Traci: "With Dawson going back to Capeside and trying to adjust to seeing his mom in a new relationship (possibly), that could've led to some really interesting stuff. But instead, it felt so rushed and globbed together with his and Jen's breakup."

From Charles: "We didn’t touch on favorite scenes this episode (because tbh, there wasn’t much to work with), but I’m going to say my favorite parts of 'Highway to Hell' were the 30 seconds Jack was in. Kerr Smith + food = gold."

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  1. I think Traci hit the nail on the head when she said that Joey has become too perfect - she's no longer relatable or vulnerable and that's what makes her increasingly insufferable. Agreed that this episode was pretty low down in the ratings. The Pacey/Audrey relationship I dislike. Charlie is the worst. Jen/Dawson breaking up was just depressing.


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