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518 - Cigarette Burns

Sorry in advance for any background fireworks during this week's episode! We recorded this on the Fourth of July, and people were starting their celebrations before the sun went down...

We're also sorry if this episode was too negative!! We hate being too negative because we do love this show, but we've also been frustrated this season – and we know so many of you have been too. That being said... do you like Season 5 Joey? If so, please tell us why! We're genuinely curious!

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  1. Guessing you haven't seen Fight Club! Cigarette Burns are all old school part of the cinema process pre-digital.

    Link below explains it quite quickly.

  2. Ugh! I am on the fence when it comes to Joey! I love Joey more from season one and a bit of season four. Then after that I am conflicted because back when I was a teenager Joey could do no wrong in my life! I idolized that woman! But now as an adult I have now seen that she can actually be a bit of a selfish person at times. I can actually now really relate and respect Jen and wish she got more of the attention she deserved.


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