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519 - 100 Light Years From Home

Happy 100th episode, Dawson's Creek! What a milestone – and of course it couldn't come without some drama... It's a shame season 5 is so "meh" because reflecting on the show through flashbacks could've been a cool device.

From Charles: "Let’s just take a second and review what a bad spring break Jen had. Not only was she sick the entire time, she had to deal with Joey being a brat, Jack being a jerk, and Dawson getting into to Florida in the early morning and no one else letting him in?

And I’m sure she’s going to feel horrible once she finds out what happened with Jack and Dawson.

Speaking of Dawson, I know this is nitpicking, but doesn’t the chronology of this episode not make sense? It takes more than 24 hours to drive from New York City to Florida, and Oliver and Dawson hadn’t even made it to NYC yet. I feel like we’re missing a day of Spring break?"

From Traci: "Jen did have a bad episode. She was really just there, it felt, so that she and Joey could get into that little confrontation – which I was not a fan of. Really, though, I think Jack outshone the rest of the group, but maybe it's because we're just looking for something with a little more substance right now. I'm sticking with my theory that this episode was written to prove a point about how we can sometimes miss when the people we're closest to are suffering the most. #DawsonsCreekTaughtMe"

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  1. side comment. At the time, 100 episodes was a really big deal, because it was considered the minimum for later syndication -- which then meant another income stream for the company, writers, producers and actors -- plus it meant the show would live on. Since a lot of cable syndication at the time was 'stripping' - running the show 4 or 5 times a week -- you needed a lot of shows in order to sell it for syndication.

  2. Eurgh this episode 🙄

    1. There was absolutely no need for Dawson to drive to see Joey immediately instead of attending a very important meeting because it wasn’t time sensitive. Jen trying to find Henry before he went to football camp, Joey running after Pacey before he sailed away for the whole summer - whilst dramatic, both time sensitive. This is partly why it annoyed me so much.

    2. Completely agree with Traci when she talked about how Dawson and Joey are put on the pedestal as something to be compared to instead of Pacey and Joey. Dawson and Joey were in a teeny bopper ‘relationship’ for about a month. Pacey and Joey were in an adult relationship for 9 months. Obviously that was the more significant relationship of Joey's life.

    God I hate Charlie.

    1. You're right: the agent meeting is time sensitive!! Agents are busy!! Sigh.


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