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520 - Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

Who knew we would be disappointed in how Charlie Todd leaves this show?

From Traci: "I don't think it's that we're dying for more Charlie. This whole back half of season 5 has just felt so rushed! We asked recently on Twitter what people thought of season 5 vs season 6 and most people seem to agree that overall season 6 is better than season 5...though both aren't great all around. Season 5 begins strong but really loses focus halfway through, and we're really feeling that by these last few episodes of the season. When it comes to Charlie, like we say in this week's episode, we're glad he chose 'his Paris,' but we also kind of wish the writers developed out these stories in a deeper way."

That being said! Dawson getting an agent is kind of cool and it's nice to see our show's alleged star have something positive come his way.

Not so positive? Whatever's happening at Civilization. Danny's MIA and now there's a new boss in charge – and it's not looking good for the Paudrey...

From Charles: "PREDICTION: In the season finale, Danny comes back to invite Pacey to work in a restaurant in New York."

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