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521 - After Hours

As we mention during this week's episode, this was recorded pretty much right after 5x20, so we didn't get a chance to address the amazing news that came out of Comic-Con about Kerr Smith joining the next season of Riverdale! As the principal!! AHH! We'll talk about it in two weeks when we're back for 5x22!

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  1. I love your podcast and recaps, but I'm having a hard time listening to season 5. Not due to anything wrong on your behalf but this season has been so choppy and wonky, and like you have said, it's now the Joey show. I love all these characters individually, but as Dawson being the main character he has grown so much between seasons 3 and 4, and 5 again is the back and forth between Dawson and Joey, except not really any character growth. I'm just kind of sick of the love triangle and stupid characters and I want this show to stop being about love-relationship and concentrate more on the friends dynamic of this group (with the exception of the Joey and Audrey friendship - this has been my main favourite ship).

    Anyway, can't wait until you recap season 6, I hope we won't have to wait too long!


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