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522 - The Abby

We're back, and ready to finish out this season and say "goodbye" to the mess that was season 5! We still don't know why this episode is called "The Abby"... is this a reference we're missing? That's highly likely.

From Traci: "One thing I forgot to mention in this episode is how much I enjoyed Jen singing 'Teenage Wasteland' while standing on that armchair. She calls it part of her 'thought process,' which I liked because that would be part of mine too lol"

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  1. Trying again to post a comment, I think it was actually my privacy settings that weren't letting me do it before so I've adjusted those, and fingers crossed this one goes through! Anyway just listening to this podcast and wanted to mention this:

    It was ep 1.13 "Decisions" where Joey went to visit her dad in prison. Dawson went with her, as she says in this episode, but they actually arrived outside of visiting hours and weren't allowed to see Mike. They stay in a hotel overnight, then return to Capeside in the morning. Later, she regrets not speaking to her dad and after speaking to Pacey, she decides that she needs to go and visit her father. So Pacey drives her back out to the prison (where it's STILL not visiting hours) and Pacey bribes a guard to let Joey see her father. So this episode's re-telling of that story where all the glow goes onto Dawson and Pacey is completely forgotten about is both incredibly annoying and completely typical of season 5, which tried so hard to make audiences forget that Pacey/Joey was a thing. (Except any time you put the two of them in a scene together, their chemistry is off the charts, which is probably why they only have two meaningful scenes together all season - when she visits him on the boat in 5.03 (possibly my favourite scene of the entire season) and 5.10 when he walks her home after dinner (which includes an unscripted hug that Josh Jackson initiated and the director let it stay in) - because it was impossible to convince the audience that Pacey and Joey are over each other when they are just lighting up the screen with their chemistry.) There's a reason why the Pacey/Joey relationship is hands down one of, if not THE, most enduring thing about this show, 20 years on. Roll on season 6.

    1. I LOVED that boat scene in 5.03. Even then, you could still tell that pjo were not finished. And I didn’t know that the hug was unscripted, but I love that it’s in there!

      I did a rewatch of this show maybe a year ago (and I kind of want to do another now) and before that, I hadn’t seen the show in maybe ten years, probably more. But what I remember was the Pacey/Joey relationship. I shipped them so hard, and I remember watching the season three finale for the first time and how happy I was she went with Pacey (this was also the first show I can remember watching with a love triangle).

      I don’t like that the writers pretend that Pacey and Joey never happened. Pacey is a much more significant relationship that Dawson.

      On to season six! I am really excited for Charles and Traci to get to certain episodes (castaways being one), but I don’t know what I’m going to do when this podcast ends....

  2. I've been wondering if Charles and Traci were done with the horror that is season six yet and thank goodness I can start listening again soon. I hated season five even more than season six. Season six had some episodes that I loved but I still to this day do not understand why the new writers wanted to push Dawson and Joey so hard and act like their five second puppy love fling was more significant than Joey's eight or nine month meaningful relationship with Pacey. Kevin Williamson is the one that was so enamored with Jawson/Doey (lol) so why were they forced down our throats? I don't want to dismiss Dawson and Joey fans but it was clear that Joey and Pacey as a couple were the ones that turned out to be who most fans preferred as a couple. I understand a couple needs conflict but to ruin the Pacey and Joey romance by glorifying Dawson and building the Joey and Dawson romance into something we never saw on screen was just ridiculous to me. Why spend so much time on the Pacey and Joey romance only to try to erase how meaningful it was to both of them and to the fans? Why did they try to act like Pacey wasn't the one to drive Joey to the prison? Pacey even paid twenty bucks to get the guard to let Joey see her dad yet Dawson gets the glory? That's complete bs even if he is the show's title character. The new writers for season five were just absolutely awful at their jobs.


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