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Study Hall #12 - Season 5 Recap

We're saying goodbye to season 5 officially, and we couldn't be more happy to see it go. But there were some good moments, and we want to acknowledge those too! From top 5 moments to favorite new characters, we run through the best of what felt like a very long 23 episodes.

From Traci: "Does anyone else feel like season 5 was basically two different seasons? I stand by what I said about liking Oliver in the beginning of the season. It feels like a waste of his character though when they send him further off the rails after he shoots the film with Dawson..."

From Charles: "Regarding Andie... I know she was only supposed to defer Harvard for a year, but I imagine she's still in Europe and takes the train up to Paris to visit Joey during the summer. I bet her life in Italy is great."

And, finally... WE CAN'T BELIEVE WE'RE ABOUT TO START THE LAST SEASON! What a wild ride this has been. Stay tuned for 6x01, where we talk about our upcoming giveaway if/when we reach 100 ratings on iTunes/Apple Podcasts!

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  1. My top 5 season 5 moments (you will notice a theme, because I almost never rewatch any other episodes and only come back to season 5 for these particular scenes):
    5 - Pacey’s flashback of Mitch (504)
    4 - Jack’s breakdown in the Spring Break episode (although I wish that he’d been talking to someone more sympathetic than Dawson was, and that there’d been more build-up (and pay off) to this breakdown of his)
    3 - Pacey encouraging Joey to let “Other Joey” come out at the pool table (511)
    2 - Pacey and Joey’s conversation on the docks (523)
    1 - Pacey and Joey’s first conversation on the boat (503)
    Basically I’m a die hard PJo shipper and their scenes together will always be my faves even though there are nowhere near enough of them in this season.

    Least favourite new character: Professor Creepy (Ken Marino). Just ugh. I hated the entire storyline from start to finish and was so glad when he left. It felt like SUCH a manufactured storyline.

    Favourite new character (other than Audrey): Clifton Smalls.

    Least favourite episode - I can’t say Downtown Crossing because I’ve purposely never watched it, so probably the one where Alex Pearl tries to kill Pacey with her car. I swear that Joshua Jackson is dead inside by this point and you can almost see it in his eyes throughout that entire scene.

    Favourite episode - Appetite for Destruction, hands down. The only one I ever rewatch in full.

    Core 5 ranking
    This is hard because a) I am set in my ways with who my favourites are at this point, and b) I rarely rewatch season 5, and when I do, I only watch the top five moments listed above. But here’s my order of general preference:
    5 - Dawson (I just generally hate him and always skip past his scenes as much as possible)
    4 - Jen (she gets nothing good to do this season, it’s an absolute waste)
    3 - Jack (hated the frat storyline, his breakdown is good but comes out of nowhere. Huge points for comical eating in the dinner party ep though)
    2 - Joey (I still like Joey although she’s suffering from seasons 1-3 Dawson syndrome where everyone loves her no matter how awful she is, and we constantly hear how wonderful she is without her actually exhibiting any really wonderful behaviour)
    1 - Pacey (his storylines sucked in execution but he was the only reason I kept watching the show at this point)

  2. Ummm to be on the safe side I'll #nospoilersforcharles

    Season 6 Study Halls ideas

    - Study Hall after 6-22 - Joey Potter and the Capeside Redemption
    It was originally written as the season six finale and to potentially act as a series finale (I think) if it came to it.

    - All Good Things... Must Come to End (23 & 24) as one episode

    - Study Hall for the entire series.


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