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603 - The Importance of Not Being Too Earnest

It can't be that easy to send a campus-wide email, right??

From Charles: "I have transcribed all I can from Joey’s email. Damn the motion blur that prevented me from getting all of it...

Dear Dawson,
I don’t know where to begin. Because I’m an idiot.

is no Dawson I know. Not anymore.

We don’t know how to be together, not in the present tense. And for all the rambling I’ve done in this email, I don’t know what to say to you. I thought this would be it, Dawson. I thought this would be the time it lasted without one of us getting in the way. But I don’t think we know how to stop tripping each other up. It’s like we’re trying to stop the other one from getting ahead into the future. Maybe we need to grow up, separately, turn our backs on each other for a while. I don’t know if I’ll be here when you turn

there was something there, but the sad thing is...
have all these things we’ve said and done and...
that girl to you anymore, Dawson. We need to...
this to each other. The only way I know how to...
tell you that I don’t know how not to love you,...
how to do it in the real world, either. So maybe...
altogether. I wish you well. I wish that you mo...
than anything, I wish it hasn’t come to this. But...
be unhappy, this is the natural conclusion….


From Traci: "One thing I didn't bring up on the episode this week, but that definitely is relevant... Why didn't Joey talk more with Jack about her public email humiliation? If there's one person in the friend group who can definitely empathize, and has been there (on some level), it's Jack because of what he went through with his poem in season 2. Obviously the two situations are different, but the whole 'something I thought was private is now very public' thing is something Jack can talk through with her."

Also! As we mention in the episode... we'll see you in 2 weeks!! 

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  1. I know you weren't doubting me but guys I swear I read somewhere that JVDB asked to have his time reduced for season six but I cannot find it anywhere to the point I started wondering if I imagined it? lol However I checked and he's not shown until the end of episode one, he's not shown until the end of this episode and there's four more he's not in this season so I'm sure there's a reason the lead character is missing so many while Joey is in every... single... episode. Idk if James was filming a movie or something else but I specifically remember reading he asked for less screen time because he was basically over it haha I'm going to continue to look for a link to prove to myself that I did not imagine reading that. As for this episode "Zzzzz" I hate it and I dislike Joey and Dawson's dysfunctional relationship written to mean they were soul mates. Six different head writers for six seasons and that's what they all could come up with?

    1. Lol no, we believe you cuz that makes sense if he'd be too busy to devote the time to the show! I wonder if his agent/team advised him to start trying to pull away because I don't think season 5 ratings were that good and perhaps they were expecting the show would come to an end sooner than later?

  2. Something was happening. It was not only Dawson -- Jack is completely absent for more than a third of the eps (including most of the eps between getting together with David and breaking up with David. Hmmm.). Jen is missing for 3 or 4 eps as well, and barely there for a bunch more (although I did like CJ because hot).
    -- The s06 writers (at a ATX writers session) basically talked about how strongly they identified with Joey, and just wanted to write Joey. And that they liked Pacey - although they admit that the stock broker thing was a mistake. They had all seen 'Boiler Room' and were basically writing AU fanfic about Pacey in the Boiler Room universe.
    -- I think that once Kevin Williamson left, no-one really knew how to write Dawson. It was just way easier (lazier) to write the usual tropes of 'bad boy with a heart of gold' / 'white knight' for Pacey.
    -- and once both Williamson and Berlanti had left, no-one had the slightest clue how to write gay characters (Ok, a couple of writers in s05 did. But not s06).
    -- S06 (except the finale) always struck me that the writers really wanted to be writing for a show like Felicity, with one central woman character, rather an ensemble of 5/6 friends.

    1. That's very true: no one knew how to write Dawson after Kevin Williamson left. They relied too much on basic tropes.

    2. "S06 (except the finale) always struck me that the writers really wanted to be writing for a show like Felicity, with one central woman character, rather an ensemble of 5/6 friends."

      And that's why the finale works so much better than the rest of the season. (I have a huge soft spot for Castaways, but that's the furthest thing from an ensemble piece in the season so your point stands.)


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