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605 - The Impostors

Hope you enjoy our "abbreviated intro"! Traci is sorry :(

Why don't people like this episode? Or maybe it was just the IMDb and reviewers... of all the episodes so far in season 6, this was the...least...bad? (At least it's an improvement over 6x02!) We really enjoyed the variety of stories we got, even though we would have liked more Jen. And Charles apparently wants to know more about Hetson and Eddie's dynamic. We have weird wants this week.

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  1. [Rant incoming] Man, the writers this season REALLY have it in for profs (my theory: the head writer kept getting Bs in college.) Hetson is over the top - his actions in class this ep as written are just massively unprofessional - I can't imagine a real prof doing any of this. But more bigly: As a gay prof this ep irked me greatly. The idea that a gay prof would do this to a student is right out of homophobic right-wing charge that you just can't trust the gays.

    [Charles: this shows up in Good Will Hunting as well - which also really hated profs - when Matt Damon was snarkily tearing into the gay psychologist for finding him cute- IRL any minimally competent therapist, gay or otherwise, would know how to deal with this - they are TRAINED to deal with this issue.]

    ... this trope shows up in mass media with any gay man in a position of any power. It just gets old. Plus it has real-world implications: I've had to deal with chairs and administrators who assume that I will abuse my 'power' over students just because I'm gay ... sheesh, maybe talk to my students before making such an assumption ... So a trope I am (hyper)sensitive to. Brooklyn 99 may be the first show to avoid the trope, so maybe it is on its way out. [ok, rant over]

    BUT, I really liked how Jack had picked up on Tobey-style activism. The boy is growing.

    (Aside for Charles: I really disliked GWH for how it depicted profs and gays. Plus the maths problem on the chalkboard was trivially easy - it relates to theoretical linguistics, which I studied for a bit - I did it in my head as I watched the movie.)

    1. GWH was my favourite movie for a while, then I rewatched it with a friend recently and was...less than impressed. It still has some enjoyable moments and Robin Williams is amazing in it but...yeah. And I was watching it more from a feminist perspective and it's deeply problematic in that regard too. (Although, I have dyscalculia and can barely add short columns of small numbers together so the maths problem was convincingly difficult in my eyes lol.)

      The professors on this show are just terrible across the board, but this show has a bad track record with teachers from season 1 onwards. They're either involved in some icky inappropriate relationships with their students, or they're nasty and/or incompetent. Principal Green, Mr Milo and Mr Gold are the only ones I can think of who didn't completely suck - and sadly, they're long gone now.

  2. This is not a great episode but how can it be rated worse than some of the later ones?? *cough* Lovelines *cough*

    Living Dead Girl is a Rob Zombie song. Memorable for me because it's the song that Faith danced to in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode 'This Year's Girl' - such an awesome scene.

    As always I enjoyed the podcast episode, at this point in season 6 listening to you guys is enlightening because I never rewatch these episodes so I barely remember what happened in any given storyline. I find the whole thing too tedious, Pacey's facial hair is hideous, and the orange-ness of it all is deeply distracting. Roll on 6x14 which is where I always start my season 6 rewatch ;)

  3. First off, I found Charles’ comment about Hetson extorting Eddie for free lunches hilarious. Obviously, in real life this would be very, very wrong. Dawson’s Creek made Hetson such an over the top ego maniac that I just had to laugh at him doing something so petty and self serving. It’s now my head-canon that Hetson blackmails Eddie into doing demeaning tasks like washing Hetson's dog and highlighting Hetson’s hair.

    Here are my guesses as to why this episode was rated so low online:

    1. It’s a Dawson heavy episode. Dawson was never a fan favorite and with no interaction with the other core characters his scenes can seem even more tedious.

    2. As far as secrets in soapy teen dramas go, Eddie’s secret that he isn’t really enrolled at Worthington is ......underwhelming. Season one Joey’s secret that she was in love with Dawson, Gretche’s secret pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage, Jen’s secret that Pacey was living in Boston, these were secrets that carried weight. They had the potential for interesting storylines, to inform character choices, and hint at future conflicts. Eddie, just fill out some college applications and FAFSA. Boom, problem solved.

    3. There isn’t much core six interaction except for Audrey and Pacey. Last episode, Audrey, Jack, Jen, and Pacey’s storylines intertwined at the party. Dawson and Joey had their storyline. This episode everyone is doing their own thing. There aren’t any of the friendship moments that make Dawson’s Creek enjoyable to watch.

    4. Other than Eddie’s mildly funny line about Joey ramming her tongue down his throat there isn’t much humor. Audrey, Jack, Jen, and Pacey can consistently be counted on for the funny moments. In this episode, they are all very serious.


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