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606 - Living Dead Girl

WE'RE BACK. Thanks to Best Buy (#notspon), our data has been saved/recovered and we're back on track to keep on keeping on with season 6.

Enjoy this late podcast, and we'll talk to you in a couple days!

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  1. Isn't it kind of shitty of Audrey to completely lay the blame for her performance in school on Pacey? She basically says she's depressed because of the path he and their relationship has taken, which is totally off base and gaslight-y. She's been disinterested in school all season, even before Pacey started working, and besides, her attitude toward his job has always been over the top and unfair. Yeah, his job is douche-y, but he has a point too, he needs a job in a way that she just can't ever understand because of her socioeconomic and financial privilege.

    1. I think so, I mean Traci and Charles you're right that he shouldn't really have brought it up at the party, but I think his comments did come from a place of concern. I'm completely with Anna on this - it's not Pacey's fault that Audrey is depressed, she has NEVER been interested in school (not that anyone except Joey even goes to class) and it's always only been a matter of time before she flunked out. I also thought that her comment about him being bored of sleeping with the same girl and not wanting to admit it was off-base - I don't think he was falling out of love with Audrey because he was sick of sleeping with her, if anything that's what has been keeping them going because how many times have they fought and then gone to bed together and made up? I do think he fell out of love with her (if he ever was in love with her) over the summer and hasn't wanted to admit it, for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the fact that perhaps he felt a sense of obligation to try and keep it going because her father got him the job.

      If they'd gone more down that route, I think it could've been more compelling - if we as the audience explicitly knew, earlier on, that he was ready to break up with Audrey, but felt obliged not to because of her dad getting him the stockbroker job, then when he gets to the point that he feels like he can't keep the relationship going, she comes and tells him that she's depressed and she's flunking out and that she's worried about their relationship falling apart. Pacey, being Pacey and always wanting to be the white knight, would not be able to bring himself to break up with her, even if it's ultimately the right thing. That would add some drama and complexity to the eventual break-up, instead of just having them muddle along for a while and suddenly implode.

      Audrey was right though that Pacey's resignation over the end of their relationship spoke volumes.

    2. It was unfair for Audrey to lay the blame for her flunking out largely at Pacey’s feet, but I think she was lashing out because Pacey has been a legitimately bad boyfriend since coming back from their road trip. He made promises that he couldn’t/wouldn’t keep about spending time with her. When he finally, does spend time with her at the Halloween party he complains that he doesn’t want to be there and he refuses to dance with her.

      While I do think she was wrong about Pacey getting tired of sleeping with her, I think her insecurity from earlier in the season came into play here. When Pacey moved in with Emma, Audrey was opposed to him living with a girl particularly a hot girl. At the party who does Pacey confide in about not being in love with Audrey, but the very girl Audrey did not want him to move in with.

      I think the line during the breakup that made me feel worse for Audrey rather than Pacey was when Audrey said she was breaking up with him and Pacey says that “this isn’t how he wanted this to go”. It just sounded so callous. It may have been the truth that he wanted to breakup and was looking for a way to let her down easy but in that moment he should have listened to what she had to say rather essentially pointing out to her ‘yeah I knew this was going to happen, but I’m such a nice guy I was going to let you down easy.’

      I enjoyed Dawson getting pranked this episode. Agree with Charles that it shows his coworkers like/care about him. He did have a line in this episode that made me want to shake him though. When talking to Natasha, he says something along the lines of her not giving him enough of a chance. Really Dawson, you cheated on her and broke up with her answering machine. Why should she give you any more chances?

    3. That's fair, I haven't re-watched this episode so I'm fuzzy on the details. I'll admit that I am predisposed to take Pacey's side on pretty much everything, but really a lack of communication is what caused Paudrey to break up.

      Which is interesting in itself, because emotional support has always been Pacey's brand. When he was with Joey, he was always pretty switched on to how she was feeling, and showed immense consideration for her emotional state (410 Self-reliance, 414 A Winter's Tale, etc.) Not to mention all of the emotional support that he gave Andie in season 2. (When he felt like HE was the problem it was a different story and he became quite closed-off, like in 402 when he was failing and refused to tell her, 412 when he didn't get into college, 418/419 when he was feeling depressed about his future, and the 420 Promicide implosion that was the culmination of all that.) So I can understand Audrey feeling upset about the fact that this supposedly caring and emotionally connected boyfriend has turned into a workaholic Wall St wannabe. Although what I would really like to know is how much Audrey knew about Joey/Pacey - both before and during her relationship with Pacey.

  2. "Four Scary Stories" was season 5, seasons 2 and 4 didn't have 'scary' Halloween episodes. (Season 4 has the ep "Four Stories" which is confusing...) I don't like any of the scary story episodes personally.

    I don't care for Eddie either and I like Harley even less. Just counting down the episodes at this point...

    And I'm with Anna on this one. Audrey can't blame their breakup entirely on Pacey. But then I'm biased with Pacey-love, even with that thing on his face...


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