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622 - Joey Potter and Capeside Redemption

No, that's not a Harry Potter book title... it's the last episode of the Season 6 timeline we've been seeing for the last 22 episodes! We can't believe we're going to say this...but we're OK with the Joey narration on this one.

From Traci: "I'm sticking with my theory that this episode takes place in a memory. At first I was thinking about how it would've been nice if it was Dawson's memory, though, and that maybe we should get this narrated by him... but I think it's fitting that this is the ending we get. And like we say in this episode...we're not mad about it."

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  1. Didn't see the poll but glad Charles won't be spoiled with that promo. I get the whole point is they need to be bold to flag attention from casual viewers but that's just too jarring for him. Better to not know ahead of time. I will save ranting about that decision for the finale but Jen's death really ruins a lot for me.

    Can't believe this pod is almost over, had such a good time with it! I found this like last June and caught all the way up pretty quickly. You guys have done a great job!

  2. Another great podcast, I'm going to miss listening to you guys! Hope you can find another show to do once this is over.

    I think it's funny that even Dawson's movie is about Joey's story - "It's the story of a girl who..." Joey's IT factor has even hijacked Dawson's entire narrative.

  3. I honestly can't believe the podcast is coming to an end. What journey it has been. I am excited to hear what Charles thinks of the finale episodes.

  4. I'm super sad that the podcast is coming to an end. I always look forward to Mondays and save it to listen to on my commute home :) I also totally remember the auction they had at the end of the show! I was peak obsessed with Dawson's Creek and they had so much stuff that I wanted - the True Love boat sign, Audrey's pink pillow, loads of the outfits & accessories from the show. I even saved loads of photos of the listings on my computer, that I unfortunately no longer have. Sadly I got none of it...would love to know who did buy it and where it is now though.

    On to this doesn't do it for this season 6 hater I'm afraid. The premise was good but the execution was lacking - they just don't have the same magic anymore.

    - Joey becomes some weird perky Andie type character throughout this episode. She has absolutely 0 edge left and I miss it. She is also very rude about Christy being surgically enhanced when there is literally 0 evidence of this? And even if she was, this doesn't make her less.
    - The scene when Pacey asks if Joey is going to 'wash her hands' of the both of them and she replies yes and Pacey looks super smiley - I don't get it. Are we supposed to get that she means something else? Why would Pacey be so happy about that? There's subtext and then there's just bizarre character interactions that make 0 sense.
    - Something about the Jen leaving scene also leaves me cold, despite the extended hugging montage, which is sad because I feel like in Season 1 -4 of Dawson's Creek a scene like this would have given me all the feels and tears.

    I dunno I just feel like Season 6 was overall irredeemable apart from Castaways. It's just not the same show and I'm worried about how I'm going to feel about the finale, I haven't watched it in so long and I really want to love it.

    1. Aww the True Love boat sign would be a great piece of memorabilia.

      - I miss Joey's edge too. Come back, old Joey. You were the best.

      - I think the idea of Pacey looking happy when Joey says she's going to wash her hands of them both is him being supportive of her following her dreams, and not falling back into the "Dawson is my soulmate" trap, but I agree that it's a bit overdone. He could've at least looked slightly sad. Then again, I like that he's so supportive of her and doesn't want to drag her down by being all emo about her leaving.

      - Jen leaves me cold a lot of the time, because her storylines and personality is so uneven. It's such a shame.

      I hate season 6 (apart from Castaways) and I really enjoy the finale, although I'm going to say it now, I have never cried while watching it. It just doesn't affect me that much, honestly. I do love the P/J stuff - that's what seals it for me. If I felt more strongly about Jen, I might care more. (Also if I felt less like I was being emotionally manipulated with a Sarah McLachlan song, the tears might come more readily, but I'm such a cynic that when I feel like a show is trying REALLY hard to make me cry, I switch off emotionally.) To be fair though, if it ended D/J instead of P/J, I would hate it with a passion.

  5. This podcast has been a delight. The WB in the late 90s-early 2000s was my everything. I never missed an episode of Dawson's Creek (or Buffy, Felicity, Roswell, etc.) in its 6 season run. The show ended the same week I graduated high school so the show was something I could count on throughout my teens. My mom is moving and she has been going through my old room and everyday finds memorabilia of Dawson's Creek or old magazines with the actors on the cover. With that and this podcast, this 35 year-old is feeling mighty nostalgic. I will miss this podcast. Perhaps, Traci and Charles could do a Felicity podcast next?

    1. I loved loved LOVED Buffy. I still do. (I'm actually right now listening to a Buffy podcast.) I also really liked Roswell at the time although when I did try to go back and rewatch it, I didn't get very far. Not sure it has held up that well over the years. (I did watch a few episodes of the new one, which seems pretty good even if the lead actor is as bland as the last one.)

      Dawson's Creek was a show I enjoyed at the time but got more into later when I was living with flatmates who also loved it and we got super into rewatching, swooning over Pacey and yelling at (and later fast-forwarding) Dawson. (The best part about season 6 - aside from Castaways - is that Dawson has so many scenes that are separate from everyone else that it's very easy to FFWD him.)

      To this day, I have never seen an episode of Felicity. I don't know if it just wasn't on TV in New Zealand or it was in too late of a timeslot, but it's not one that I ever saw.


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