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422 - The Graduate

ANDIE IS BACK!! We're so happy! Even if it's only for just this one episode! Sigh.

What a whirlwind of a season we've gone on, and even though it isn't over yet, this high school graduation episode is a great way to wrap up a lot of loose ends. The Leerys are happy and well-adjusted, Joey gave a wonderful speech, Pacey graduated, Jack is happy, and Andie is living her best life. What more could we want? (Aside from more Andie.)

Side note: the episode/storyline we blanked on while talking about Mr. Kasdan was from 4x10 - Self-Reliance.

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  1. In Pacey and Joey's last scene in this episode, Pacey says 'I'll see ya Joey' and she spins round and looks kind of surprised. I have always wondered why this is - does he say it in a certain way? Does he sound a bit tearful? What do you guys think?

    Also, in my head this is the last episode of season 4 and the mess that is Coda (particularly the final scene) does not happen.

    1. Oh, good question! Hmmm... Maybe she's surprised because of how badly things have been ending in each of their last conversations, and she truly thinks he wouldn't want to see her again. But that's such a hopeful moment when he says "I'll see ya" and it feels almost like they're friends.

  2. I'm behind. Joey can't be salutatorian since she ranked 4th!!!!

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